To get insurance in two clicks: Ukraine finally allowed to enter into a contract CTP in electronic form

Happened: last week, insurers and customers are allowed to conclude a contract CTP in electronic form. According to forecasts, the first online motor vehicle liability insurance can be bought this summer. Now the law primarily requires a paper contract with signatures of both parties, and after that entering the information into the database of MTIBU. But the payoff in the event of an accident is just the opposite: if in database there is no information on the contract, the policyholder may be as many waving the paper version. Either he had a defaulting insurer or the policy was initially false, so the truth will have to look in court. With electronic policy, these issues remain in the past. The insurance company will have to register E-insurance in the database at the time of formation of the policy and the client will be able to check its validity on the website MTIBU immediately after receiving the email.

NOT A BLANK ONE. Work on the “e” avtograzhdanki in Ukraine has been ongoing for five years. From a technological point of view, the majority of insurers are ready to launch E-insurance: last year the Motor (transport) Bureau of Ukraine even announced a pilot project “Policy online” from which, however, then refused. The reason is the law.

“In Ukraine is that even the Internet-shop insurance companies where you can pay for the cost of the policy, is obliged to deliver to the customer a paper form of the contract and to receive from the insured’s personal signature,” explains the communications Manager of the insurance company PZU Ukraine Oleksandr Melnychuk.

Only then, the insurer may include information about the policy in the database of MTIBU, and only then, the insurance is considered valid.

“Isolate” from this process paper has allowed the financial services Commission: the Commission adopted the basic rules at the conclusion of electronic insurance contracts. Look the procedure will be as follows: the owner submits to the insurer a request with all the necessary information. This can be done even in the office, even at home in front of the computer, though standing in traffic with smartphone. The insurer offers its price and conditions, the proposal is not “hanging in the air” — it is recorded in the database of the Bureau of Motor and is valid until the end of the day on which it was formed. If the client agrees, it shall transmit to the company a certain message that is deemed to be their electronic signature. Immediately after payment the policy is registered in the database of MTIBU, and the customer gets to your email the electronic document, a visual form of the policy.
According to the forecasts of the financial service Commission, the first online insurance policies will go on sale in late summer. Thus in the course of a year (or more) insurers will sell insurance both electronically and in conventional paper form.

“There is a perception that insurance will be unavailable to pensioners and inhabitants of villages where there is no Internet. It is a myth. For the first time in the structure of sales, little will change and then, will always remain such agents, who will be able to maintain pensioner and print at his request an extract from the electronic contract, — said the first Vice-President of IC “AXA Insurance”, head of the working group MTIBU for the implementation of e-policy Andrey constriction. — If, before the end of the year the share of sales of E-insurance will reach 5-7%, it will be a very good indicator.”


The “traditional” form of insurance valid in Ukraine for more than 20 years, and many drivers do not understand why you need to translate the motor in an electronic form.

“This is one of the few examples of innovations that are beneficial to all, — says the head of the Board of IC VUSO Alexander Shoykhedenko. — For clients is, above all, convenient: the electronic policy do not have anywhere to take it you can’t forget. You can buy it in 5 minutes sitting in his car. It will not be asked to police verification will be done by request in the CDB MTIBU. It is beneficial to the insurers and they can organize work with agents. Will cease to incur losses due to fraud associated with the issuance of the policy after the accident and in the reports of insurers and the motor insurance Bureau database, the data will be reliable.”

PROTECTION FROM COUNTERFEITING. But the biggest effect is that E-insurance is virtually unavailable for fraudsters. By estimations of insurers, now every tenth insurance policy, which is in the hands of customers, can be called false or sfalsifitsirovannymi.

“E-Polis implies the absence of paper, which can be forged, — stressed the Director General of MTIBU Vladimir Shevchenko. — Insurance procedure is confirmed by the entry in the CDB about the existence of the insurance contract. This means that such a policy may not be valid, will not sell it to you, the insurer, which revoked the license for motor vehicle liability insurance. The payment can be done via the Internet, which will prevent the situation where the client gave the agent money, but the company never received”.

In addition, the estimated constriction, no physical forms will help to reduce the administrative costs of companies, which now make up about UAH 100 million. The money will be spent on timely payments on OSAGO.

“As for the difficulties of restructuring the business processes, they will be minimal, says Mr Shoykhedenko. — Legal problems, complexity, automation, training, far-fetched and are associated mostly with natural market reaction to forced changes. The same thing that the emergence of e-ticket on the train. Who remembers the problems of implementation, in addition to it people “Ukrzaliznytsia”? Especially now that there are several free of IT solutions, which any insurer can implement promptly. It would be a desire to change”.