Kitty made the nutria a professional massage just in the middle of the street

Cats have healing abilities, as reported repeatedly by different scientists. Doctors even invented a felinoterapiya – method of treatment and prevention of various ailments with the help of cats. Alleged to help someone, just fuzzy enough to lie down with a place that hurts.

It turns out that cats know how to do yet and massage. Moreover, the effect of it can wait no longer.

In Facebook appeared a funny video with black cat and big red nutria in the title role.

According to the description of author of the video, the action took place on the streets of Brazil. The kitten climbed back inside and began to knead it, working with all four paws.

Judging by the reaction nutria – she fell to the ground and framed the kitten side massage she loved it. And the video, meanwhile, has collected more than 3.5 million views.