Star test for girls: choose your favorite character and learn about yourself a lot

1. What you are a romantic person… Around you always filled with harmony, coziness and tranquility. You have an insane amount of patience, but it is better not to test. After all, when you reach the boiling point, you’ll just turn around and leave, and even will not wish anyone to explain something. You appreciate the solitude and peace — it fills you
and gives the resource to the movement.

2. You are a very extraordinary and charismatic personality. Your behavior and actions often seem marvelous and quite unexpected. You as something exotic and space in the modern world of banality and predictability. And one of your favorite things to do is to observe people and their reactions to your quirks.

3. And where you only find adventure on his head? One gets the impression that they await you at every turn, and you win. You like to travel and communicate with different people, learn new places and routes, and more exotic and more dangerous the more interesting. You have an inquiring mind and almost encyclopedic knowledge.

4. You like when everything is clear and understandable, you have your definition of justice and the rules they live by it, and it is unlikely you will be able to deviate from our path. You are not used to sit still and wait for the sea weather, you just a vital activity in all its manifestations. You are a very purposeful person and your motto is “See the target and not see obstacles, believe in yourself.”

5. You love subtle humor and a good laugh not only at the jokes, but above all on themselves. You don’t mind being kind of the ringleader and host parties
and entertainment events. All you are accustomed to consider as a gay man, but only the closest know that in the depths of the eyes may be hiding a deep sadness, and often you need support.

6. You are sure that the whole world must lie at your feet and only your languid eyes all the riches will belong to you. You are not used to strain, because all that is necessary, itself will come, but if it’s not, so didn’t have to. You often fall into depression, but you don’t need to rush to get — it’s just a style of life, and it quite suits you.

7. Well what can I say… Wit all your. You are smart and savvy,
but your appearance can be very deceptive: at first glance, do not even say that your tongue can be sharper than a razor. The people you especially appreciate the candor and honesty, because they themselves are a role model. For you is certainly better a bitter truth than a sweet lie.

8. You self-sufficient person, self-confident and firmly established. All that you have now, you have achieved for yourself through perseverance, intelligence and hard work. You are quite demanding not only to themselves but to others. In the partner relationship is the most important thing is equality and respect.