Menu for beautiful skin: 11 available products

Everyone knows that everything that happens inside our body – instantly appears on my face. If you have skin problems, you should not immediately run to the store for expensive creams. Portal Intelligent Beauty recommends to start treatment with proper nutrition.

The first step to radiant skin is to forget about soda, coffee, beverages with high fructose or containing artificial flavors and dyes. Should give up dairy products – they cause inflammation, and over time, the skin will look noticeably worse.

A clean and healthy diet – so smooth, clean and glowing skin. Natural antioxidants and phytochemicals are beneficial for improving skin-elasticity and collagen production.

Fruits and vegetables with high content of dark pigment in the form of beta-carotene and carotenoids gives the skin a natural glow. Particularly useful are 11 of them in the list. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop here. Add new! The number one rule for a healthy diet – approach the issue creatively, and then required will not be boring. And based menu you can take this list.

Red sweet pepper. It has a lot of vitamin C, stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. Because of this it remains smooth and soft.

Avocado. A storehouse of good fatty acids and carotenoids. They make the skin supple and protect it from adverse environmental factors that cause the appearance of facial wrinkles and folds.

Beet. Contains a lot of nitrates, which accelerate blood flow and help the skin to glow. In addition, a powerful antioxidants in the root as his dark pigment, prevent aging and help the skin to stay supple and look young.

Blueberries. Rich in anthocyanins that give the berry its delicious color. These substances are antioxidants, they neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage. In addition, phytonutrients inhibit the development of skin cancer.

Grenades. Ellagic acid and antioxidants promote skin regeneration and have anti-inflammatory effect. All of this speeds healing.

Sweet potatoes. Surprisingly contains a lot of vitamin C and healthy pigments. Thanks to them, the skin produces more collagen, which strengthens the matrix of the skin.

Apples. These popular fruits contain pectin and quercetin, known for its ability to regulate glucose levels in the blood and strengthen the immune system. All this is reflected on the skin: she looks young.

Tomatoes. They are very a lot of lycopene, and therefore, vegetables can help reduce damage from free radicals, the appearance of which provoked the ultraviolet.

Carrots. Rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. It is necessary for the growth of new cells and skin repair.

Pumpkin. There are lots of flavonoids and carotenoids that give the skin radiance. And vitamins a and C enhance its elasticity.

Spinach. Dark green leaves are filled with vitamin E, which protect from aging, and vitamins a and C, which help to get rid of acne. Antioxidants make the skin radiant – spinach can stimulate DNA repair, which prevents the growth of cancer cells.