In Ukraine begins the monetization of benefits: to give money for housing and travel will be in Lviv

In Ukraine begin to make the first practical steps towards the monetization of benefits, i.e. their replacement with “real” money. From 1 July in Lviv and region at the initiative of local authorities will begin a half year experiment with the abolition of free travel for beneficiaries, in return they will receive a certain amount in UAH that people will be able to pay the fare or to spend on something else or save. This was stated by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva. According to him, the Cabinet works on the complex mechanism of monetization of benefits not only for travel but also for zhilkomuslugi. In case of success in 2018 Lviv the experiment will spread throughout Ukraine. How it will look in practice, I find “Today”.

LVIV IS PREPARING. As we told the Deputy head of Lviv regional state administration (LOSA) Irina Hrymak, from 1 July the whole region will end the benefits of “free travel” for those to whom it applies. This is primarily pensioners, combatants, parents of large families. “In the Lviv region there are about 700 thousand beneficiaries, now calculate how much of the budget and the state budget can allocate funds, which under current law lists for the transportation of beneficiaries to accounts of autos — said Grymchak. It works about 20 trips per month on public transport and perhaps one or two trips (there and back) a week for suburban transport — trains, buses. But these figures can be refined”. Also, the region is going to increase service controllers, it is possible that those who don’t pay retirees will try to travel further. The first months of grandparents-grandmothers will be reminded that travel is now paid, because the penalty for hares now — 20x the price of the ticket (in Ukraine — 40 UAH). As for the monetization of subsidies for payment komuslug, this will deal with the relevant Department of the RAVINE, but this year the experiment will not affect them.

POWER. Reva says that at the first stage of monetization in Ukraine to 2018 should be 20 billion. At the same time, the Minister admitted that the government for 25 years, gained on so many obligations that it is not able to Finance them 100%. Output — monetary compensation. Which in fact may be less than the cost of the benefit in kind. For example, a person will give money to 20 trips per month, and he drives 30-40 times. The monetization of benefits komuslug engaged in the Ministry of regional development and housing, and, according to relevant Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, hold it in 2018, in two phases. “First — level service providers, the second — consumers of housing services. It is necessary to specify lists of people who really need help. Not one to ignore, and that the money is not exploited by fraudsters,” said Zubko.

EXPERTS. Experts say that widely advertised monetization — in fact just the beginning of the replacement of benefits with money. With replacement unequal, people will get less than cost “Bilgi”, which for them is now free, but there is no other way, as the money is comparable to the state budget. “The abolition of free travel and, potentially, additional payment for communal services within the standards is only the beginning of reforming the bloated politicians-populists benefits, says a senior consultant at the social protection Institute of local development Anton Levitsky. — I plan on ordering the previous governments real needs of different segments of beneficiaries, so I can say: as for Lviv, 20 trips per month for seniors even a lot. But will certainly be unhappy, for example the same members fighting in the East.”

PEOPLE. Lviv residents expect changes cautiously. “I’m 40 hryvnia for 20 trips in a month is not enough, but since I ride a bike, you will spend the money on food, gifts grandson,” says 65-year-old pensioner Vitaly Makarkin. Another pensioner, Orestes Semkiv, unhappy: “I am Now free to travel whenever and wherever you want on the bus and in the train to the country. And there would be some minuscule, and all on pay myself.”

Expert: “This is only the first attempt”

As explained to us in the Ministry, the country has over 30 different benefits, of which 10 must be replaced by money. Many categories of people such benefits not one, but up to 10. But, for example, the extraordinary housing, the flow out of the competition to the University or the right to buy without Queuing products, to get on reception to the doctor, the Deputy to compensate for money is impossible. But free obtaining medicines, prosthetics for the disabled and war veterans, free or half-price trips to the resort, travel by trains and water transport in Ukraine, traveling by plane also in the full monetization of benefits should be paid to the beneficiary. While talk about this. “It is good that the authorities began to do something, not just talk the talk, so as to further the accumulation of “unlimited benefits” will lead to the collapse of transport, housing and utilities sector. But to call it “monetization” too early is a separate attempt to solve the accumulated problems”, — concluded the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko.