Scientists have debunked the myth about the mandatory five servings of vegetables a day

The norm about obligatory five servings of vegetables per day was once proposed by the world health organization. According to the recommendations of doctors, each meal should contain at least 80 grams of different fruit and vegetables. Can be used both fresh and frozen and canned vegetables and fruits, and dried fruits and juices. The potatoes in this list, because it contains large amounts of starch.

However, Victoria Taylor, senior dietician British heart Foundation, said: “Although the recommendation is five portions per day has long been known that about 70% of adults do not perform it.”


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Now for everyone who has a bad conscience due to the fact that not eating the required 5 servings of fiber a day, there’s good news. A recent study showed that excessive intake of fruit and vegetables brings the organism additional benefit.

Dr. Andrew Mente for 15 years studied the impact of the amount of consumed vegetables in the lifetime. He presented the results of his work on the Congress of the European society of cardiology in Barcelona, where he said: “the health Benefits can be achieved at lower consumption of vegetables and fruit.”

According to his theory, to maintain health, you should consume between 375 and 500 grams of vegetables and fruits per day, which corresponds to 3-4 servings.