The Ukrainians introduced the monthly fee for the use of gas: how much to pay

Since April, the Ukrainians have a gas stove, ascolani for heating water or heating a home with gas, have to pay more for it. Particularly affected single high-rise residents — for them and the amount of increase in the payment more than doubled.

The reason is that the national Commission for regulation of energy and komuslug (NERC) has allowed gas suppliers to separately charge all consumers a fee for gas and separately for “delivery” of the fuel in the rent (monthly fee). Now this fee is included in the tariff, but since April she grows up. How many will pay for gas the Ukrainians found out Today.

As calculated specifically for the “Today” Director of energy programmes of the Center for world economy and international relations NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky, for apartment with gazplita without a meter fee of approximately 46 UAH per month, plus a surcharge according to the norms of calculation of 4.4 cubic meters for each registered tenant. But a cubic meter of gas will drop by about 90 kopecks, to UAH 6 or so out of it “go away” fee.

If you now pay for gas in a month is 31 UAH/person (will be 26 UAH), from April for one resident will be about UAH 72 (46+26), with two — 98 UAH (46+26х2), etc. If the count is, then, of course, will have to pay according to his actual testimony plus a fee.

Those who have home mounted gas boiler for heating, the fee will be higher, as it depends on the maximum throughput of the counter. And in this case the counter is more powerful because needs to be more on the order flow of the gas. Fee will be 50-70 UAH/month. depending on the region, plus pay at the counter.

“As a result, those who heats the house with gas, will win, because they have a gas flow rate of 200-300 cubic meters per month, that is, the savings on depreciating the gas block the introduction of a license fee,” explained Zemlyansky.

RESTRUCTURING. Also from 1 April, the Cabinet will begin the restructuring of debt Teplokommunenergo for gas and water utilities for electricity, said yesterday the profile Vice-the Prime Minister Gennady Zubko. He added that the debtor can obtain subventions from the state to reduce its debt, which, according to “Naftogaz”, on March 21 amounted to 26.2 billion.

According to Zubko, the courts seized the accounts of more than 100 utility companies, which they are unable to carry out necessary repairs, to pay taxes and salaries. According to the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko, the debts in public utilities is largely the fault of the state, which underpaid teplovik more than 25 billion UAH, in fact it is subsidies for the poor. “Now the Cabinet is forced to announce a restructuring, so that public utilities could work”, — explained the expert.