Poroshenko: the National guard of Ukraine are afraid of adult Russian men

At the events dedicated to the third anniversary of the establishment of the National guard of Ukraine, the President Petro Poroshenko on the basis of the National guard of Ukraine in Novi Petrivtsi, said: “credit for your military work is not only gratitude and a high level of trust from the Ukrainian people. Our national guard — most mentioned brand on Russian television. It seems the most popular. Scaring your children is absurd and unfair. But if you are so deathly afraid of and hate adult men, it means that the people of Ukraine to serve you honestly, efficiently and selflessly”.

According to the head of the Ukrainian state, the national guard three years ago was one of the first military formations, which at a critical moment for the country took on the responsibility to protect its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. The first battalions of the national guard consisted of representatives of the “Self Maidan”, said Poroshenko, and in the first battle, “passed the harsh test of patriotism and devotion to the oath”.