The results of the week: the attitude of Ukrainians to the EU visa regime with Russia and a record fine for Google


about 1.5 thousand legal entities and individuals.

asked the National police with the message about blocking of work of computer equipment virus-cryptographer, during the cyber attacks that began 27 June. According to the company ESET, which develops anti-virus software on Ukraine accounted for 75.2 per cent of infections of the total number in the world, Germany – 9%, Poland -5,8%, in Russia – only 0.8%.

51% of Ukrainians

do not support the introduction of a visa regime with Russia, support it by 33%, according to a poll Fund “Democratic initiatives” to them. Ilko Kucheriv.

12% of respondents

Ukrainian citizens approve of secession of Donbass, 40% – support the completion of the ATO until complete restoration of Ukrainian government in all Donbas – these are the findings of a survey conducted by the sociological group “Rating”.

60% of Ukrainians

advocate to the unitary structure of the country, 20% support the Federation, and 50% are in favour of membership in the European Union – such data are contained in the survey by the sociological group “Rating”.

39% of Ukrainians

we are convinced that European integration has no alternative, according to the results of a poll conducted by GfK Ukraine on the order of the world policy Institute in may. While 22% believe that Ukraine may refuse from European integration at any time, 28% said that the country’s European integration.

in the amount of UAH 1.7 bn

warned of violations of the law and inefficient spending of the State audit service during the audit of major state enterprises in January – may. Among the identified violations, the most common were the facts of nancilee penalties for violations by contractors of their obligations, payment of inflated amounts of executed works and services rendered, failure to meet the requirements of the legislation in the field of public procurement. Last year the service carried 2.7 thousand 2.4 thousand inspections of enterprises, institutions and organizations, the results of which revealed a loss of financial and material resources by UAH 2.6 bn.

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rose 1.4%

in may real wages, reported state statistics Committee. In annual terms, it increased by 20.4%. The average nominal wage of regular workers in may amounted to 6840 UAH. by 2.7% more compared to April and 37.2% more than in may 2016.

Of 6.85 billion.

net profit received solvent banks in January-may compared to 9.25 billion. loss in the same period last year. According to the NBU, the operating income of banks in January-may in annual terms rose by 2.3% to 73,94 billion UAH. and expenses decreased by 17.7% – to 67.09 billion. At the same time in may working banks were 2.57 billion UAH. after a loss of 4.33 billion UAH. net profit in April.

increased by 2.7%

the average sale price of electricity in the wholesale market manufacturers in the second decade of June compared with the first decade – with 933,72 to 958,78 UAH./MWh, according to the GP “energy”. The average sales price of the TPP amounted to UAH 1657,07. (-3,4%), “Energoatom” – 482,52 UAH. (+0,01%), hydro power stations – UAH 591,8. (+23,1%), CHP – 2007,95 UAH. (-0,3%), the”green tariff” – 5487,61 UAH. (-4,9%).

grew by 6.2%

the total amount of debt on salary payment in may, and YTD – by 29.5% and by June 1 was 2.32 billion UAH. reported state statistics Committee. The debt of economically active enterprises increased by 10.2% and as of June 1 totaled 1.25 billion UAH.

Of 26.47 billion

made a budget surplus for Jan-may against by 26.45 billion. the deficit for the same period of the previous year. The consolidated budget is executed with surplus 50,48 billion. against 3.78 billion UAH. deficit a year ago. The planned maximum level of budget deficit for the current year is 77.5 billion UAH.

79,8 million UAH

collected to the state budget the State Executive service of “Gazprom” in the framework of the fine imposed by the Antimonopoly Committee of the Russian company. The total amount of fines and penalties is 172 billion.

increased by 0.4%

the volume of the housing Fund of Ukraine for the year 2016 and reached 977,9 million sqm of total area, reported state statistics Committee. The Foundation of urban settlements amounted to 60,7% (594 million sq. m.) from the General Fund. The total number of flats on 1 January 2017 was 16.9 million, of which 19.4 per cent of one–, 36.6% of one – bedroom, 32,7% are two-bedroom, 11.3% were 4 or more rooms.

The world

increased by 6%

in January-may on an annual basis, or 121 million tons of coal production in China, USA and India, which together produce two-thirds of world coal. These countries are increasing production after a decline in 2016. The significant rise observed in the United States at 19%.

a record 2.4 billion euros

may be fine that the European Commission put Google in the case of abuse of company a dominant position in the market with the promotion of Google Shopping. The Commission gave Alphabet holding company Google, 90 days to end “illegal actions.” If the company does not fulfill the requirements, it may be fined in an amount equivalent to 5% of the average daily turnover.


a record $217 trillion

made up a quarter of the size of the global debt increased during the year by $600 billion According to the Institute of international Finance (Institute of International Finance, IIF), the debt is equivalent to 327% of global GDP. This amount included the debt of governments, banks, corporations and households. The largest increase of debt over the past four quarters have recorded in China and the United States. In both countries the total debt increased by $2 trillion. In China it reached $32,7 trillion, while US $63 trillion.

about $500 million

the same amount of the U.S. Senate Committee on the armed forces approved the draft military budget for the provision of assistance to Ukraine, including lethal weapons. The total volume of the US military budget could reach $700 billion.