Scientists have discovered a previously unknown function of the cerebellum

The cerebellum serves an important function in the reward system of the body. Found neuroscientists from Stanford University and published the study results in the journal Nature.

The cerebellum occupies only 10% of brain volume but contains more than half of the neurons. It was already known that he is responsible for the coordination of movements and not controlled by consciousness.

Scientists conducted a study in order to learn how the cerebellum controls the muscles of mice. In the experiment they used two-photon calcium imaging method to observe the activity of neurons in real time.

During the study, the mouse had to move, pressing the lever, after which he received a portion of water with sugar. The results showed that when mice received the award, they have in the cerebellum was activated a group of neurons. When they were deprived of the sweet water, this leads to activation of another group.

Scientists say that the cerebellum is not the first area associated with both the movement and the reward system. So, the same property is possessed by the basal ganglia that regulate movement and concentration.

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