Compensation new: who and what will pay the Ukrainians

The Verkhovna Rada planned to radically change the system of compensation

Now in Ukraine in the event of an injury or as a result of crime victim compensation paid by the state. But the main burden of responsibility, the first material, is planned to pass on the culprit. July 17, the Parliament registered three of the bill relating to such compensation.

The documents propose to introduce “tax on reimbursement of damage caused by violent criminal offences.” He will be charged in the case, if the court rules against him guilty verdict. The amount of this fee will also be determined by the court. The money will be transferred to the state Fund for compensation of damage which must be established within the special Fund budget.

It is also planned to materialize damages. Today in Ukraine is very difficult to seek compensation for something that is not confirmed checks – the moral damage, lost profit, lost opportunities. Meanwhile, in civilized countries such damage is practiced along with others. Soon such a practice planned to introduce in Ukraine. And it will be called “compensation for pain and suffering” (eng. – for pain and suffering, Ukr. for BL the pity).

“The guilty person must pay the person full compensation for harm to life and health. Fair compensation should consist of three parts. Compensation for treatment, including the public expenditures in the municipal medical institutions, for the prosthetics, if necessary, up to bionic prostheses. Compensation for conversion of life, if the person received disability. This includes creating reasonable conditions and reasonable jobs for his life. And payment of all foregone revenue, including lost career growth. Today such laws have not. In our jurisprudence it can be interpreted as moral damage that has no material value. And in Europe it is called compensation for pain and suffering, and it is compensation. We intend to create a system of compensation which would have been sufficient. And the money should go where the damage. In the first place – from the person who the harm inflicted. And only then the money from that person is not enough – should include state,” explained the website “Today,” the head of the parliamentary Committee on social policy Galina Tretyakov.

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