How to quickly get rid of excess weight: 10 scientific Lithgow

Spring is in full swing and not far off warm sun, which provokes to remove heavy, layered clothes and go light on blouses, shirts and dresses.

To look good, need to actively engage yourself to lose weight that could accumulate during the winter.

How to do it quickly and painlessly, he knows “Home”.

TOP 10 scientific hacking, how to quickly get rid of excess weight:

Eat from the plates blue.

Psychologists have shown that kitchenware blue color reduces appetite. One possible explanation is that the blue color is not too well with most products. Meanwhile, long known rule: the more attractive the food looks on the plate, the more you’ll eat.

Combine physical activity with mental.

The participants of the study, which was conducted at the University of Florida, proved the opposite. It was found that those who during the training on a stationary bike or treadmill, reading or watching a movie, unbeknownst to themselves, increasing speed and burning more calories. How to lose weight? Take this method on Board to get rid of excess weight!

Lose weight by the hour.

If you want to keep weight under control, plan the main meal for the day. According to the Spanish scientists, those who eat tightly to 15.00, lose weight faster and longer hold the result. The study involved 420 people and it turned out that the volunteers, who at lunch consumed 40% of the daily amount of calories for 5 months dropped by 3 kg more than those who prefer tight dense dinner.

Set appropriate goals.

How to get rid of excess weight? When you set a goal, don’t say “I need to lose 5 kg in a month” and indicate a reasonable interval “I need to lose three to five pounds for beach season.” According to psychologists, man is much easier to stick to the plan when there is the minimum program and the maximum program. This approach increases motivation and helps not to give up, when to the cherished goal – “minus 5 kg” is still quite a bit.

Practice less.

Last year Danish study involved two groups of volunteers. In the first group of men and women trained for 30 minutes a day, the second twice. The results were surprising: those who engaged in only half an hour, a month lost 2.5 kg more! It turned out that 30 minutes of exercise – enough to increase metabolism and burn calories. After prolonged exertion the participants either felt too much hunger or too tired and the rest of the day spent on the couch.

Add pepper.

Want to spend more calories and consume less? Be sure to include in the diet of red pepper. Capsaicin, the element that is included in hot pepper, activates the immune system and simultaneously suppresses hunger. Add a little pepper to the omelet, pasta or risotto and rate the effect.

Download app pedometer.

Pedometer really helps to keep weight under control – this is confirmed by scientists from the University of Indiana. It turned out that a smartphone app encouraging women to increase physical activity: 12 weeks participants of the experiment dropped from 1 to 3 kilograms, while their usual food has not changed. How to get rid of excess weight? Walk through the hallway when talking on the phone, place your order in the room during a commercial break or climb the stairs. If you move for five minutes during each hour – this is a significant step forward.

Give up chocolate in favor of candy.

If you have a home there is always something for dessert, buy sweets in individual packaging – for example, a small candy. Physicians from Switzerland last year conducted a major study, and here is the result: when we have to unwrap each candy, we eat 30% less than when the chocolate just breaks off from a large tile. The fact that the action gives us time to think, and to pull myself together. Another useful trick: taking candy from a bag or a box, immediately remove the packaging in the closet. To take Supplement, you will have to take another action.

Do not sit at the table with the gluttons.

A study of scientists from the Netherlands: women tend to adopt the eating habits of those who sit with them at the table. If at dinner you are in a hurry, you risk eating more than you need, so do not give harmful influence of others. Want to be in shape? Try to reset the rate at which you eat and then lose weight will be much easier.

Start the morning with the sun.

How to remove excess weight? In good weather, let a few minutes for a morning walk or just go with a Cup of coffee on the balcony is not only raise your spirits, but will also help keep the shape. A recent study of U.S. physicians showed that those who daily spends 20 minutes in the morning sun (12.00), less hungry and have a lower body mass index. It seems that the reason is the influence of the morning sun’s rays they accelerate the metabolism.

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