How to make tummy flat

A flat stomach and thin wasp waist is definitely every woman’s dream. But, as a rule, fat deposits in this area are the biggest problem losing weight, because the female body is designed so that in the first place, he makes the accumulation in these places. Is it possible to achieve a perfectly flat stomach? The answer is Yes! You need to follow some simple rules that will help you gain the desired harmony, fragility and grace. But we must remember that the ideal shape requires sacrifice, and even if you have achieved the desired result, that is no reason to go back to the wrong way of life, writes

1. Follow the diet

Pay attention to what you eat! Avoid foods that trigger bloating: conservation, sodas, simple carbs. Also, try to avoid excessively salty foods: it delays the fluid in the body, thereby adding volume. Lean on lean protein foods, non-starchy vegetables and greens.

2. To be precise, right

A proper Breakfast is the key to successful figures, because it starts the metabolism, causing the digestive system to work faster. Perfect Breakfast – Kashi whole grains – they have the ability to burn fat deposits in the abdomen and are an excellent prevention of diabetes and heart failure. But don’t replace them with store-bought cereals and muesli – they have a lot of sugar and these useful properties they possess.

3. Drink green tea

Regular green tea can significantly improve the effect of your workouts, as with it’s help fat break down faster. In addition, tea helps to control the appetite. Hungry at the wrong time – drink a Cup of green tea.

4. Cut back on alcohol

Alcohol consumption should stop or reduce to a minimum, because any alcoholic drinks, good and not so, are the extra calories and deposited in the waist area. And alcohol increases in the blood, the so-called “stress hormone”, which prevents to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, so sobriety and useful for the figure too.

5. Work on the posture

Straight back able to visually relieve you of a couple pounds. You can check it out for yourself, experiment with your posture in front of the mirror. Besides, a slight tension of the abdominal muscles allows them to relax and keeps them in good shape. Always train yourself a bit to suck in her stomach, soon it will become your normal and healthy habit for your health and body.

6. Train press

Don’t forget to work on the abdominal muscles, because the muscles will not allow your midsection to SAG. Pay exercises at least 15-20 minutes a day, and a month later you will notice good results. In this case, you can immediately perform a set on all muscle groups, or break it down for the whole day. Also, do not neglect sports such as running, Biking, rollerblading, etc.

7. Practice yoga

When you practice yoga, you kill two birds with one stone: helps the muscles stay toned and gain inner peace and harmony with each other. In addition, yoga is good for flexibility of the spine, improving grace and posture, the importance of which we have already spoken.

8. Avoid stress

Do not be nervous on trifles, because, besides the fact that nerve cells do not regenerate, stressful situations provoke the emission of unnecessary hormones, which in turn lead to the accumulation of extra pounds. Calm and optimistic – that is the key to success in all spheres of life.

9. Sleep

Many studies have proven that people who have good sleep at least eight hours, typically have less body fat in the stomach area than those who paid to sleep less than six hours. So sleep more and stronger! If you are beset with insomnia, to help you mint or chamomile tea soothes the nervous system.

10. Wear the right clothes

Much depends not only on what we eat, but also what we wear. To give the stomach a perfect shape, you can use the slimming underwear. As for the clothes, give preference to skirts and trousers with high waist – they are great to hide the excess in the abdominal area, with an emphasis on the waist – the narrowest part of the body.