The Supervisory Board of “Privat” was headed by the legendary banker – Ministry of Finance

The new Supervisory Board of PrivatBank was headed by legendary banker Engin Akchakocha, which helped Turkey to overcome a financial crisis. This was announced by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk.

“Yesterday, the first meeting of the new Supervisory Board of PrivatBank and was elected its head. … If so, the Supervisory Board was in “Private” to nationalization, many of the problems simply would not have arisen. Informed of three Council members, two were the owners of the Bank and the group “Privat”, which issued loans. Of course, when the Supervisory Board has no independent members and it consists of the Bank’s shareholders, it acts in the interests of the owners, not investors “, – Danilyuk wrote on his page in Facebook.

“The new Supervisory Board of the state of “Private” is formed from the world’s top experts, and the majority of it is foreigners and representatives of international financial organizations”, – said danyluk and assured that the Supervisory Board is truly independent.

The Finance Minister said that, in his opinion, Engin Akchakocha to cope with the new responsibilities. “Engin is a legendary banker, who in his time helped Turkey to overcome the financial crisis, and today will help restore the largest Bank in the country,” said danyluk.

As you know, one of the most famous financiers of Turkey Engin Akchakocha during the financial crisis of 2001 was headed and was chief Executive officer of the Agency for banking regulation and supervision, and also insurance Fund and preserve savings deposits.