The stone face of Putin is no accident: “he has ten photographers”

Between Donald trump and Vladimir Putin — a big difference. Professor of communication uigse the eagle (Orla Vigsö) interprets the image of the presidents:

“The former head of the KGB, who loves wrestling against impulsive businessman who boasts that buys the costumes in the first available convenient place,” says Professor Gothenburg University and provides some examples.

Martial arts contribute to stone face

Professor Orla Wyse, a native of the Danish Aarhus, says that he himself is a black belt in the Japanese martial art of JIU-jitsu. Its name means victory over the enemy with a minimum of physical force.

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky | go to Photobacterium of Russia Vladimir Putin in sparring

“Martial arts permeates self-control. Even in clothing for judo Putin did not allow himself expressions which are not suited to photos. His stone face.”

“Trump in the not-too coloring poses”

Photos of Donald trump, for which it is possible to get an idea, are very different.

© AP Photo, Mary AltafferПрезидент USA Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence

“His often engraved in not too good poses. And I think trump is much less in control of his official pictures, than Vladimir Putin,” says the eagle Wyse.

“Trump often looks sour and unhappy. His human side is not too pretty.”

Work in the KGB as a reason that poker face

Not happy, not angry and not sad. Vladimir Putin has turned the preservation of the neutral facial expression in the present art.

“We must not forget that he was head of the KGB. His personal inclination for this combined training provided full control. You cannot allow the enemy to guess what he was thinking. Even if sometimes he may clench his fist in his pants pocket,” says eagle Wyse.

© RIA Novosti, Ramil Sitdikov | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

“The trump suits often don’t fit”

Hair Donald trump — a detail that attracts attention. And yet the US President claims that he is not vain.

“There is a suspicion that his hair is not quite natural. Trump often appears in a poorly fitting suit. He boasts that he buys himself a costume with “hangers”, that is ready. Trump plays on it. Perhaps this is a tactic to oppose pedantry and luster,” says eagle Wyse.

© AFP 2017, Timothy A. ClaryПрезидент USA Donald trump

“Putin has a minimum of ten photographers”

Vladimir Putin with pleasure appears like netherton to Shine the floor in a perfectly fitted suit, and as the macho man with a naked torso and a gun somewhere in the heart of wild nature.

“I can’t remember any pictures of Putin in the public domain, which would not be staged. He had with him at least ten photographers. Everything is always absolutely necessary,” says the eagle Wyse.

“The constant desire to portray violent activities”

©, Official White House Photo by Myles CullenПрезидент US Donald trump signs a decree in the oval office of the White house

The most common story photos from the White house — the President signs a new order.

“Probably, there is a constant struggle between those who consciously thinks about political advancement, and those who just want to actively “play”. Donald Trump hard with his impulsivity. It is very different from its predecessor of Barack Obama was more human. Obama often played with the children,” says the eagle Wyse.