The second wave of declarations: Groisman income increased 10 times, and earned all Gontareva more

In Ukraine ended the second wave of the filing of civil servants. The national Agency for prevention of corruption has already said — almost 136 thousand officials reported on their income in 2016 (a total of 200 thousand officials). “Today” explored the Declaration of the first persons of the country and found out who of them earned the most.

A SECOND WAVE OF PROBLEMS. As in the case with the first wave of filing to do without scandals has not managed this time. However, if in 2016 the e-Declaration tried to move to the next year, during the second wave came from some sticks in the wheels.

The first thing that angered the public — the rate at which civil organisations working in the field of anticorruption, as well as the people they hire (cleaners, suppliers of office, lecturers) must report their income. The amendment was adopted by the Parliament in late March, and almost immediately dubbed her revenge on men by the authorities.

In addition, almost the entire last week of March, the registry NACP was unavailable due to the influx of those wishing to make a Declaration.

This situation led to conflict between the head of the national Agency Natalia Korchak and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, who accused her of incompetence and called on to resign. Korczak to leave the post refused, but promised that the registry definitely work.

In the last days of March the website is really earned, and eventually by the first of April the total number of returns filed for 2 years, exceeded 1.1 million units. Of these, 117 — Declaration of senior officials (President, Prime Minister, Ministers, etc.) for the year 2016.

It is worth noting that for civil servants who should have filed financial statements for the first time, the deadline is extended until the first of may.

POCKETS OF THE FIRST PERSONS. According to the Declaration of the President, for two years his salary has tripled, from 121 thousand to 366 thousand UAH per year (30 500 UAH per month). However, decreased significantly from the guarantor the total income of 62 million UAH up to UAH 12 mln.

But to the Bank accounts of the money Poroshenko became more. Declaring their savings in the past year, he said 540 thousand, $26.3 million and 14 thousand euros. During this time, the banks became less presidential hryvnia (80 thousand), euros (nearly 10 million), but was more $ $26,9.

In addition, there were the accounts of Poroshenko and modest 393 pounds. The President has kept the habit of making contributions to the credit unions (for the second consecutive year this amounts to nearly 8.2 million) and to lend.

In 2015 he lent to third parties is UAH 1.1 million and $3.85 million, and in 2016 — UAH 1.1 million and $3.43 million With significant purchases the leader of the state did not commit and even refused to rent two cars (BMW and Land Rover).

But Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman has increased its revenues more than 10 times. If in 2015 he earned a total of 1.5 million UAH, in 2016- 15.8 million UAH!

The role played by wages, which grew by almost four times (from 77 thousand to 280 thousand, respectively, he earns a little more than 20 thousand per month), and the sale of the property (more than UAH 8 million) and car (3 million UAH).

The Prime Minister began to hold much less cash: amount in UAH decreased by 2 million, and in the currency, more than 20 times — from $870 thousand to $40 thousand

However, banks had much more money: if in 2015 the national currency on accounts at Groisman was 2.1 million UAH, in 2016 — nearly 13 million UAH.

The income of the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva has increased more than two times. So, for 2015, she earned a total of 26.8 million UAH, and in 2016-m — 57 million UAH. The main factor here was the sale of securities and corporate ownership.

Became more and money in Bank accounts, from $1.8 million to $2.6 million While large purchases the head of the NBU did not commit — she’s also one apartment, Villa and two cars.

Finally, the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy earned 190 thousand UAH more: if in 2015, his salary was only 77 thousand UAH, in 2016-m — 188 thousand UAH (a little over 15 thousand per month).

The amount of cash on hand ($28.5 thousand) had remained unchanged, but the hryvnia was 55 thousand more.