Rally against corruption in Moscow, media reported about 130 detainees

In Moscow on actions against corruption detained more than 130 people. About it reports “OVD-info”.

The publication stresses that the detention continues.

In a press-service of the MIA reported “Interfax” that in an unsanctioned rally in Central Moscow involved about 7-8 thousand people.

“In place of the inconsistent public events on Tverskaya street of Moscow city and the surrounding areas are of the order of 7-8 thousand people,” – said the press officer.

The police establishes persons rashpilevsky gas during an unsanctioned rally in downtown Moscow, has reported “Interfax” the press service of the MIA. When uncoordinated public event on Tverskaya street of the city of Moscow unknown persons on Pushkin square was sprayed gas irritant”,- stated in the message.

Currently, the police identify the perpetrators of the act.

While social activists and journalists of a number of Russian media stocks that are also stock and publish in their pages in social networks Twitter and Facebook short messages about what is happening, assess the amount collected is several times higher than those officially announced by the police figures.

On the eve of the Metropolitan police urged Muscovites not to participate in uncoordinated action, as their “personal safety could be under threat.” As noted in the text of the warning, the Moscow police and city officials “officially warn that the event is illegal, and under these conditions increases the risk of provocative actions aimed at violation of public order.” “The responsibility for the safety of citizens, including those imposed by law and to the organizers of a public event, what they were officially warned”, – stated in the message.

First Deputy head of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Alexander Gorovoy warned the protesters about the possible consequences, in view of the inconsistency of the event. “In case of inconsistency of these activities, the authorities and law enforcement agencies are not responsible for the occurrence of any possible negative consequences given the fact that there will be no anti-terrorist screening activities, as the law requires,” said Gorovoy “Interfax”.

The city Prosecutor’s office also warned the organisers of the intention to prevent unauthorized action in case of its carrying out in Moscow. “We warn that any attempt to hold an inconsistent event – a direct violation of the law. Law enforcement agencies will be forced to take all necessary measures to prevent provocations, riots, any action leading to breach of public security, creating conditions for threats to life and health of citizens”, – said the representative of the Prosecutor’s office.

He said that the Prosecutor of the Central administrative district of the organizers of public events, Alexei Navalny, Ivan Zhdanov, Sabatino Eugene, Vyacheslav, Gimadi and Alexander Pomazuev directed caution”.

Navalny, despite the warnings of law enforcement and opposition of the city authorities, declared the intention to participate in uncoordinated action.