The Democrats should pay more attention to employment and less Russia

We must openly resist the moral outrage of the policy trump.

When FBI Director James Comey told the Committee about the intelligence investigation of possible links presidential campaign, trump with Russia, the Democrats responded like hounds, who were given to smell prey. Barking loudly, the dogs immediately took off, eager to get to the rabbit hole.

MoveOn asked Congress urging them to stop all of the “assignments and bills as long as the American people do not know the whole truth about trump and Russia.” She hastily began to echo and other advanced network organization. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Elizabeth Warren) as minority leader Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer) started to advocate the suspension of voting on the nomination Gorsuch for the post of judge of the Supreme court until the investigation is completed. Another group circulated a petition asking citizens to complete the investigation not to obey whatever laws or regulations in force since joining trump in the post. Senator Dianne Feinstein (Dianne Feinstein) suggested that trump “will soon play to the fact that he will have to leave his post”.

“The air smells of treason, wrote the historian David Brinkley (David Brinkley).

The first victim of the stampede is always the mind. If, as concluded intelligence agencies, Russians are hacked into the results of our vote, it is important to conduct a full independent investigation with maximum publicity. Democrats should continue to insist on this; the Republicans are too cowardly to withstand such pressure.

But to play VA-Bank, dumping all the blame on Putin, a big mistake. In the course of the FBI investigation will doubtless reveal all sorts of unseemly financial ties that exist between the family trump, members of his campaign and the Russian oligarchs and security forces. This is also true in the democratic lobbyists and campaigners who sell their services to dictators and thugs around the world. But the fact of collusion or cooperation will prove extremely difficult, even if such had taken place. And in practice it appears that the hacking of the National Committee of the democratic party were to win trump’s little.

To make inquiry a Central theme of the opposition Democratic party Trump obviously dangerous. Democrats criticized the Russian and the last election, while trump talks about employment, law and order, protect our borders and public health. It is clear that here meets the urgent needs of Americans.

Worse, the object of the attacks of the Democrats having a single trump, while the right Republican Congress as if gets out of their sight. It simply distracts from the facts.

Trump is a businessman, managing a huge fraudulent scheme. He pretends to care about workers, and at the same time transfers its economic policy in the hands of veterans of Goldman Sachs. He says he will focus on rebuilding America, and at the same time with renewed energy leads to endless war in the middle East. His proposed health care plan would deprive health insurance to millions, in order to cut the taxes of the owners of huge fortunes, which pay for operating grants. Its budget is pouring more money into the Pentagon, at the same time denying support to the most vulnerable populations, young people, congested urban areas and the countryside. His tax plan — presumably, the option is presented to them in the course of the campaign — decorate lower taxes for the rich and corporations. His populist posturing and tweets generated by chaos only hides the fact that he is pushing failed policies of the right.

Political and moral duty of the Democrats to relentlessly unmask this reality. Sooner or later Americans are aware of the trickery, but only on the condition that Democrats and activists will continue to bring fraudsters to clean water.

So, activists should push Democrats to prevent the appointment Gorsuch not because of the antics of Putin, but because Gorsuch — right judicial activist, member of the Heritage Foundation and the federalist society, which has defended and will defend corporate interests to the detriment of the rights of women, minorities and citizens in General. Taught him how to apply himself in Congress, but Roberts and Alito also taught this.

Gorsuch will continue legal attack on voting rights, women’s rights to reproductive health, equal rights for the LGBT community. He will restore the conservative majority in the court to legally give corporations superhuman strength, so that the corruption of our election was under the protection of the law on freedom of expression, deprivation of fundamental rights of the employees became protected religious freedom, regulation was regarded as a suspect intrusion. Democrats need to explain to Americans why his candidacy should be rejected regardless of what Putin and trump did or did not do.

This is a key question. Democrats can and must carry out independent effective investigation of Russia’s intervention in our elections. But they are the resistance that makes them tick, needs to focus its energy and resources not in the last election or constant clowning trump, and corrupt politics, which he tends to adopt in America.

We have already seen something similar before, when a Republican Congress newt Gingrich sought the impeachment of bill Clinton. In the case were known to the crime itself and sworn false testimony. Republicans pressed for it; Clinton did the same emphasis on employment and protection of social security and Medicare. He founded an organization called MoveOn, through which millions demanded that Congress took action on issues that concern the American people. Gingrich has ignored this appeal. In Congressional elections the Republicans were routed, and Gingrich resigned from the post of speaker. Trump offends his antics and corruption, but captivating Americans with his policies. Democrats have to expose his political moves and counter them, showing the Americans an alternative.