Russiagate and the Democratic party is for fools

Dyed orange Scarecrow named Donald trump should be removed from the White house and send him up in some dirty, rat-infested dungeon for life imprisonment without the right of using Twitter. The same should be done with all his racist, archiplectes and shockingly Christian-fascist administration. They need to be sent to plow from dawn to dusk in the Arizona desert in a labor camp for the production of solar panels.

But for any such insults and for the sake of a higher purpose trump and his team need to expel from their posts? To lead instead to the power of the next dollar Democrat like bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Oh my God, not this. The neoliberal ideology of “free trade” that the Democrats promoted almost in the same way (albeit more efficiently) that the Republicans, in the minds of the new generation, or even earlier, to blame for the fact that we have lived to see this terrible time trump. Corporate power has long turned the Democratic party as a democratically useless puppet leading financial institutions, multinational corporations and a vast military Empire of the United States. It’s depressing and demobilized many of our fellow citizens (or former citizens) who belong to poor working class, forcing millions of people to refuse to participate in elections and turning the rest of the millions of supporters of the Republican party, more than ever, preaching right-wing views and white nationalism.

At the same time, the ruling neo-liberal doctrine, which is shared by the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans (“two wings of the same bird”, as he called them in 1904, Upton Sinclair), has deprived the U.S. government of its ability and will to effectively implement public and democratic functions. Neoliberalism is vitally lacks what the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (Pierre Bourdieu) called “the left hand of the state”, those areas of the public sector that serve the social and democratic needs of the majority neseryozno. At the same time it feeds the regressive and repressive “right hand of the state”, that is, those parts of government that distribute the benefits and power at the top, punishing the working and lower classes, and those who oppose the unelected and interrelated dictatorships of money and power.

It is deadly on many levels of the process. The smaller the ruling class the gingerbread applies the principles of the welfare state in order to save the hierarchy, the more he relies on brute force, the whip of the police state. The government is helpless, if required to meet the needs of all but elected the rich. In addition, it opens the way for the demagogue that can grab people’s anger and to break, claiming that only he can solve the country’s problems and make it “great again”. When “normal” bourgeois institutions and the liberal elite is considered (too often accurately) as a pathetic and vicious, charismatic, manipulative populism ham fills the void, promising to restore its national greatness.

Such a maneuver brought Hitler to power in Germany in 1930-ies. This is one of the main trumps that of ger Donald played last year.

Now trump and 34 of the Governor from the Republican party received at the disposal of the unlimited power of the police state in the country, the General population which has lost faith in almost all major American institutions, with the exception of two — the army and the police. This militarized police state, the formation of which is contributed to Democrats.

That’s where “progressive Democrat” often comes into dispute, claiming that it should not be, because the Democratic party can be turned into a winning force on the left, turn into social-democratic direction. I heard it from them throughout his adult political life. It is naive and unnecessarily Divercia fiction.

Leaning to the left the views of the progressives has long been a cause of arrogant contempt for the elite of the Democratic party (I write about it for many years), which is well aware that its main task is to prevent the emergence of any serious left opposition to the ruling class in the United States. A primary duty of the “Inauthentic opposition parties,” the nad (as they called the Democrats the late political scientist Sheldon Wolin, Sheldon Wolin) is restraint of the present popular resistance.

This contempt continues to this day, it does not weaken due to the electoral fiasco of the neoliberal Democrats. Easy social-democratic progressivism militant “socialist” Bernie Sanders should be at any cost devoid of political influence, as it concerns the most influential Democrats. What if progressivism Sanders is the path to the resurrection and victory of the party became even less popular than the universally hated Republicans and trump? What recently wrote in his reportage in The Guardian Trevor Trimm (Trimm Trevor): “If you look at the numbers, Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America — but nothing like this. Despite this, in a strange way, the Democratic party, deprived of authority throughout the country and is rapidly losing its importance, still refuses to accept him and what he seeks to convey… instead, the establishment of the party continues to confront him at almost every step, aggressively demonstrating that they do not need to change their order to re win the support of a great part of the population. In Politico magazine just in time for this week was a story about officials-Democrats worried that the supporters of Bernie Sanders can prevent them from re-occupy the posts of governors in the southern state. Officials claim that these candidates repeated the populist policies of Sanders, as if forgetting that Sanders uses in some of these States popularity. The establishment of the party aggressively put another opponent against Keith Ellison (Keith Ellison), whom Sanders was chosen as the candidate for the post of head of the democratic National Committee, had the impression that this was done mainly in order to protect the party from the influence of Sanders. They persistently refused to speak out against giant corporations in the public sphere, refused to go back to the void last year the decree of the era of Obama banning lobbyists to Fund the NIR. Despite the wide popularity of the government guaranteeing to provide all medical services, they still have not taken any action to implement Medicare for all, to which Sanders has long called to oppose his sharp criticism of Republicans in relation to Obamacare”.

But how is it really weird? The refusal of Democrats to stand up to the proposed Sanders appears to be stupid and insane, only if we assume that the main goal of the democratic party is to win elections and/or the promotion of social justice and democracy. But to think so is silly. The most important task of the “Inauthentic opposition party” is to serve the financial and corporate power, that is to obstruct even this timid social Democrats, as a supporter of the F-35 Sanders. Just don’t confuse the democratic party leadership chose to “false militant liberal” Hillary Clinton won a victory over Sanders (extremely vile methods), and then lost to Trump, instead of Sanders defeated Hillary, and then you would have defeated (and all the polls on this subject indicate that it could happen) trump.

Of course, the ruling Democrats know that they and the system they represent, is interested in preserving their party of a certain importance and in overcoming their current pathetic status. Not wanting to take too (both for themselves and for their funding of the parties) left a “revolution” Sanders, they believe they can dismiss the beast with an orange mane, putting on his relationship with the Kremlin by means of fabricated charges based on vague reports of vague sources of intelligence. They dream that dubious intelligence reports against trump and allies in the corporate media will be able to “energize…anti-Russian hysteria,” which, according to Masha Gessen, “will create a sufficiently dark cloud of suspicion around trump that Congress found the will and the grounds for impeachment.”

But it seems that this card trick with Russia is not directed against trump, but against liberals and progressives. Russia-related charges, most likely, will not be able to overthrow Tramanstan from the throne. Gessen recently wrote in the New York Review of Books: “He can sacrifice other people as he sacrificed Flynn, as it will discredit further leaks. Investigations can drag on for months, drowning out other more important things. As a result, the Republicans in Congress will likely conclude that their voters are insufficiently interested in the relationship of the tramp with Russia in order to justify attempts to declare the President of the Republican party impeachment”.

Even if the Democrats succeeded in attempts to remove trump from his post using the trick with Russia, to them it would cost a lot of democratic blood. They would have created a new dangerous precedent of interference of the intelligence community (CIA) in the internal politics of the United States. They would have significantly increased the number of dangerous games to fraud and “alternative facts.”

But the most important price for Russiagate Democrats have already paid. Related to Russia hysteria has focused public attention on what trump is (a tool of the Kremlin), distracting from what he really is, from archivelocation polufashista, racist, sexist, supermasochist, the enemy belonging to the poor and working class majority. Hesse writes about what she calls the “trap of the Russian conspiracy”, “Russia-Related suspicions [probably] will not entail the removal of the trump. At the same time, while Russia continues to be the main news, trump continues to fight with immigrants, to cut funding for everything that is not connected with the army, gather your pathetic Cabinet of Ministers… to implement, says Steve Bannon, “the deconstruction of the administrative state”…. In her opening statement to the attorney General [Jeff sessions] promised to reduce the control over the observance of civil rights and he has refused to support the case of the Ministry of justice against the discriminatory Texas law on voter identification. But it was his lies about Russia hit the headlines in the press… Imagine that same kind of attention might be attracted to other topics and keep him, as is the case with the ban on entry of Muslims… trump is destroying the American democratic institutions and principles, turning the presidency into a car to increase profits of her family, poisoning the political culture is disgusting, deceitful, uncouth rhetoric, threatening public attacks on the press and the Protestants, getting to the real destruction of all spheres of the Federal government, not designed for warfare. Russiagate is his only arm, distracting from the real, officially fixed and fixed problems as well as contributing to the spread of xenophobic conspiracy theories in the struggle for the expulsion of xenophobe and a supporter of conspiracy theories with his position.”

Hesse attributes to Trump too much negative action. “The destruction of American democratic institutions and principles” is largely due to the bipartisan ruling class, this process began at least in 1970-ies. (At the same time, Hesse should know that the White house trump doesn’t want to destroy all the right-wing government functions, in addition to the military. To take but one example: he will maintain the right of the Ministry of internal security to monitor, implement, harass and otherwise to suppress activists working to protect the environment and uphold social justice).
However, the key thesis Masha Gessen is justified. The scheme with the Russian conspiracy — nasty trap for politicians of the left. It is not conducive to the overthrow of trump, but distracts people from the real and more substantial crimes and gross violations of the administration of the trump.

So, this is a crazy strategy of the Democrats, right? No need to rush. Do not forget that problems which scandal “Russiagate” distracts our attention, like racism, the class structure of society, the destruction of the public is a problematic area also for corporate and influential Democrats. Sad, impregnated with the dollars the Democrats were in League with the Republicans, creating a neo-liberal direction of the right-wing of American politics over the past four decades. Their primary (and it must not be forgotten) function (defending national unelected dictatorship of money and power) to maintain the marginal status of the left forces and moods. Russiagate quite natural for the democratic establishment at different levels, including because it frees them from blame for the fiasco in the elections of 2016 (because “to blame Russia and the Komi Republic”), which occurred due to the terrible campaign led by a terrible, extremely unpopular and hypocritical neo-liberal candidate.

But there is another dark matter for reflection. What would happen if the Democrats will elect a “winning” progressive and social-democratic way in elections 2018 and 2020? At least, it is doubtful that the Republicans of the era, trump will agree to elections for the removal of the President from office. Is absurd a statement of administration’bannon-trump-Pence about winning the popular vote (by as much as 5 million votes!) it wasn’t just the early expression of mistrust to the possible failure of voters to vote for him in the upcoming elections? Steep barriers at the state level, established through manipulation of the Republicans and pressure on voters (legal and illegal) is enough. Their complement if necessary with false accusations of rigging elections and very real possibility of violence (legal and illegal). White fascists-nationalists do not agree to the removal from office of ordinary voters. This may sound shocking, but I can not imagine that the existing team of Republicans took the election results that they don’t like.

It is not their method. It is not in their interests. They can be removed from power only through a great popular uprising, which would be more inaugural festivities, which have long been used as a powerful way for marginalized citizens, i.e. the electorate.
Russiagate, the Democrats and for liberal and progressive fools. As, probably, and the election now.