The NBU announced an additional auction for the purchase of up to $ 20 million

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in connection with the presence of excess supply of foreign currency on the market on the first trading day in the new year, announced the auction for the purchase of hryvnia to us $ 20 million, it is spoken in the message of the regulator.

At the first such auction on Wednesday, the NBU bought us $ 20 million, what satisfied 46.8% of demand, at the rate of up to 26.7 UAH/1doll.

The auction was applied for 42.7 million dollars. at the rate to 26.9 UAH/ $ 1. The cut-off price was set at the level of 26,7 UAH/ $ 1. The average rate of the auction totaled 26,691 USD/1 USD.

The exchange rate of hryvnia on the interbank market by 12:00 environment made up of 26.65 USD/1 USD, strengthening from 27,125 USD/1 USD. by the end of trading on the previous working day.

As reported in the last days of 2016, the national Bank entered the market by selling dollars, in particular, on 29 December it sold 59.1 million dollars. at the rate to 27.25 UAH/ $ 1., satisfied 67.6% of the demand, the previous day – 96.8 million dollars. on course to 26.93 UAH/ $ 1., and on December 27 46.8 million dollars. at the rate of 26.68 to UAH/ $ 1.