How beautiful to walk in high heels: TOP 7 tips

Spring is the time for shoes with high heels that look so impressive, and worn so hard.

How to walk in high heels and look naturally knows “Home”.

The center of gravity

If the heel is “leaves” too far back, your balance is inevitably disrupted. If you want to feel confident even on the most breathtaking high heels, when you buy new shoes, pay attention to the location of the heel.

The “correct” heel should be directly under the center of the heel; in this respect it is easiest with thick heels, but if we are talking about the studs, then be sure to look at their location.

Platform to help

High heels much easier to “carry” when the shoes have at least a small platform. In that case, if the model of footwear does not provide for a platform, you can get a special gel insole and lining. Initially it was created to ensure that the foot does not slip in the shoes or sandals, but in addition a gel insole lifts the foot and makes the shoes more comfortable.

No tree

Uncomfortable are not only heels, but the wedge platform. Relevant in the last couple of seasons platform shoes/wedges made of wood or heavy plastic when walking inevitably cause discomfort stop.

But the models with the rubber wedge heel with leather coating incomparably better because they offer greater plasticity and is able to adapt under your feet, and under the various obstacles that you meet on the road.

The thicker the better

The wider and thicker your heel, the more comfortable you feel more comfortable. Therefore, the most comfortable heel first, wide, and secondly, gradually turns into a “built-in” platform. This allows you to evenly distribute your weight than in the case with pins and a complete lack of platform.


The simpler your heels can slip out of the Shoe, the more uncomfortable you will feel in high heels. From this point of view, the latest trend mules heels, in principle, is hard to call comfortable shoes.

It is time to change your favorite model of shoes with the heel or strap which wraps around the front part of the foot and locks it.

Tilt back

When you proudly strode on your favorite heels, you should not shift your weight forward — it is better to deviate a little back and relax. Thus, you will help yourself to maintain balance even on very high heels.

In addition, wearing shoes with heels should not move, never taking his eyes from your feet, thus you are ruining your posture, the overall impression of the image and in addition risk not to go with the lamppost.

Hurry slowly

Another important tip for travel speed in heels: no need do not need to run on them or struggling to mince. This not only looks funny but may lead to a fall.