Throughout Ukraine cheaper apartments

Despite the growth of the Ukrainian economy and incomes of ordinary citizens, the situation on the secondary real estate market during the first six months has changed very little and continues to show a moderate decline in prices. Only in some regional centers statistics of closed deals minor fixes, to 7%, the growth of prices. Experts say that while the country will not be available to mortgages, the situation does not change.

A SMOOTH DECLINE. According to statistics prepared for “Today” by the experts of online databases OLX, prices for one-bedroom apartments for six months remained conditionally stable and in most regional centers have declined in July (see infographic). Most average cost of 1-room fell in Khmelnytskyi — almost 26%. Also 10% decrease in prices in Ternopil and Uzhgorod. But in some regional centers, such as in Cherkassy, odnushki rose on average by 7%. In General, up to half of the cheapest 1-room apartment can be purchased in Sumy (U.S.$13.6 million), Zaporizhzhya ($14.8 thousand) and Khmelnytskyi ($15.4 thousand). But the most expensive housing remained in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv. The most popular, as in previous years, the secondary market there are 2-room apartments (36% of the number of closed deals), the second place — 1 bedroom (34%). Completing the top three — 3-rooms (26%). But large homes with four rooms people have traditionally bought reluctantly — their share in closed trades only 4%.

WHAT’S NEXT. Experts say that falling prices to blame for the strengthening of the hryvnia and the oversaturation of the market. “Now real estate is not too interested in people, at the same time built a lot more housing than we need. Therefore, developers are forced to compete with the owners of second homes and offer discounts to attract buyers,” said us analyst of the consulting company Sergey Kostecki. But the President of the Union of realtors of Ukraine Viktor Nesin believes that the demand is there, but “deferred”: “the population there is a need in your housing, but there is no way to buy it. The problem is exacerbated by the absence of an acceptable mortgage terms, the average salary, even with the recent increase, is too small to ensure that banks could not risk to give a mortgage”.

At the same time, despite the fact that in the world the cost per square meter is increasing, experts in one voice say that we still have strong price growth in the housing market is not expected. “The cost will either remain at the same level or continue to slowly fall until the end of the year,” said Kostecki. The same opinion is shared by Victor Nesin. While the primary market will keep prices. “Construction should in any case be repaid, so the lower cost housing will not recognize it.” However, such stability of the market, according to experts, attracting more investment from abroad. “For the European investor focus is on stability, not profit. Even if he earns 3% on the sale of housing — will continue to invest in the construction,” — says Nesin.

The one million — more

Expect the most expensive housing was in the cities. The most expensive meters are sold in the capital. Apartment with one room here would cost $37 969, with two $63 490, with three $102 840, four at $182 369. In addition, traditionally expensive accommodation is on the shores of the Black sea. For example, in Odessa for a 1-bedroom apartment will have to collect $194 33, 2-room $47 593, 3-bedroom — $70 186, but the 4-room $114 956. But to buy 1-room apartment in the Dnieper river, Ukrainian will have to pay about $20 753. Kopeck piece will cost $29 023, treshka — $40 197, a 4-room $66 242. One housing in Kiev will cost $14 814 2-bedroom $779 21, 3-bedroom $517 28 and 4-room $31 991.

In the West expected the leader of the popular tourist Lviv. So, for odnushku in Ukraine will have to pay $28 648 for kopeck piece — $44 209, for three rubles — $61 484, 4-room $67 017. In the East, in Kharkov 1-bedroom apartment is $21 044 2-bedroom — $29 626, 3-room $39 322, and a mansion with four rooms will have to pay $51 794.