What foods cleanse your blood of toxins

If you lead proper lifestyle and care about your health, you should be aware of liquid connective tissue – blood, informs supreme2.ru.

It is all as nutrients and waste products and decay. What should be our food, to blood pleased excellent indicators?

In order to have good blood tests and forget about toxins in the body, nutritionists recommend to add to your diet 10 foods.


Of dandelion root makes a great tea that helps to cleanse the liver and removes toxins from the blood. This is because the dandelion contains natural antioxidants and phytonutrients, which naturally cleanses the bowel and liver.

Green vegetables

A large number of antioxidants, which stimulates peristalsis, contains in green vegetables. Eat lettuce, broccoli, spinach – the less waste gets in your intestines, the lower the level of toxicity in your blood.


In this aromatic product has a lot of sulfur, and it is rich in important minerals as germanium. This substance is able to bind toxins in the body. Garlic has antibacterial properties and protects your digestive system and blood by different viruses and bacteria.


This orange beauty is rich in vitamins A, b, C and glutaminom. This tandem is helping to carry out a natural liver cleanse. A glass of carrot juice for Breakfast with the addition of a teaspoon of vegetable oil (olive or flax) is what you need!

Flax seeds

This product contains a sufficient amount of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The use of Flaxseed in food reduces the level of sugar in the blood and improves peristalsis.


This tropical fruit has the perfect balance of fat and vitamins. Avocado helps to reduce cholesterol in blood and normalizes blood pressure.


Parsley has natural diuretic effect, it helps to normalize the functioning of kidneys and helps to eliminate toxins from the body with urine. The composition of parsley include vitamin B, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and iron, flavonoids, volatile and inulin. Thanks to this composition parsley rightfully is considered as the Golden mine of vitamins.


This spice in Ayurvedic medicine it is used for cleansing the liver. Turmeric contains a sufficient amount of flavonoids, which gently stimulate the liver.


Vitamin C, which is a large amount available in this citrus fruits, promotes the production of the protein glutathione in the liver, which accelerates the removal of toxins from the blood. Lemon alkalizes the body and helps the formation of the necessary enzymes that turn the toxins into soluble compounds that are then excreted from the body with urine.


Favorite many fruits contain large amounts of nutrients that promote the natural elimination of toxins and purification of blood. Apples stimulate the production of bile in the liver and thus accelerate the excretion of toxins from the blood system.