Trump sent a letter to si, hoping for “constructive” attitude

The President of the United States Donald trump wrote a letter to the leader of China XI Jinping, which has not yet interacted directly since its inauguration and expressed hope for cooperation for the development of bilateral relations.

In the letter, trump thanked XI for his congratulations on the occasion of the inauguration and wished the Chinese people prosperity in the coming year of the Rooster according to the lunar calendar, said the White house on Wednesday.

“President trump said that he hoped to cooperate with the President of the si for the development of a constructive relationship, beneficial to both US and China,” the White house said.

Beijing on Thursday said that attaches great importance to Sino-us relations.

“We appreciate the fact that the President trump congratulates President XI and the Chinese people”, — told reporters the representative of the Chinese foreign Minister Lu Kang.

Responding to a question about whether or not to consider as evidence of a dismissive attitude is what trump phoned earlier with many other world leaders, but not with si, Lu said, “Such remarks are meaningless.”

He reiterated that China and the United States continue to maintain “close contacts” after joining trump in the position and that cooperation is the “only right choice”.

“China wants to cooperate with US, adhering to the principles of non-confrontation, mutual respect and mutual benefit to promote cooperation, control disputes and improving Sino-us ties on a healthy and solid Foundation,” said Lou.

Diplomatic sources in Beijing say China is concerned that si may be in an awkward position if the conversation with the trump fails and its details fall in the American media.

Last week, the Washington Post published details of a telephone conversation of the American leader and the Australian Prime Minister raised, which led to a cooling of relations between the two longstanding allies.

Controversial issues

In December, the trump caused the discontent of China, he spoke by phone with the President of Taiwan, Cai Inven. Beijing considers Taiwan a rebellious province, are not eligible for formal diplomatic relations with any country.

Trump also threatened to impose duties on Chinese imports, accusing Beijing of the devaluation of the yuan and the theft of American jobs.

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson at the hearing on approval of his nomination to Congress said that China should be denied access to artificial Islands created in the disputed waters of the South China sea.

Beijing has repeatedly said that he had smooth relations with team trump. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China last week reported that countries maintain “close relations”.

Two sources familiar with the position of China, said that trump is “very clear” about the policy of China in respect of Taiwan. Trump since taking office has not yet addressed this question.

Van Ivey of the Chinese people’s University in Beijing said that the letter trump says that the new US administration wants to show how much importance it attaches to Sino-American relationship, without risking to face the need to discuss specific issues.

“Trump has sent many signals that led the world into confusion, for example in relation to the South China sea and the policy of “one China”, so if you call the President of si will ask him: “What do you mean?” said van.

“He wants to avoid this, therefore, sent the letter as a first step.”