Why persist anti-sanctions?

If a recent meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel with Donald trump and had a certain result, then it concerns the anti-Russian sanctions. Trump thanked the Chancellor for her leadership in the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, Merkel thanked the American government “for the explicit and continued support for the Minsk peace process”.


About the lifting of sanctions, not a word was said. What all of them said? What a pragmatic and influential businessmen, exporters, investors, financiers and merchants, and with them and God knows who else not in support of sanctions and do not understand them, and that their Commerce, associations and lobbying groups in policy will achieve the abolition.


Another said that the West really doesn’t know what to do with Ukraine, does not know whether in fact to help her whether he was serious. It was not clear whether the West has a clear geopolitical interests in Ukraine, but it is obvious that such interests have Russia, which would like to return Ukraine to its sphere of influence.


Retreat Europe?


Also, many stressed that the sanctions will not last long, because in the EU on this issue there is no unity. There are countries that speak out against sanctions, for example Italy. There are countries that threatened to use the veto, for example Greece. There are countries where use of the influence of Pro-Russian political groups in Slovakia, Hungary and, unfortunately, in the Czech Republic. In Germany, a highly industrial and export lobby, which sanctions are completely satisfied.


And remember that the campaign for the lifting of sanctions advocated the former then-presidential candidate Donald trump. But probably he changed his mind, though, perhaps, he did it because he was under pressure because of the connections of some of the people on your team with Russia and under the scrutiny of everyone — from Congress to the media.


So why do sanctions still exist? Perhaps this is one of the few good news, confirming the ability of Europe and the West to act. Because the EU say that he is not able to agree on anything. But with America, the European Union adopted sanctions and continues.


Probably, the sanctions were also pretty well thought out, prepared, calculated and structured. Otherwise they would not survive long. They have not led to economic depletion of entire sectors, regions or large enterprises. The company found new markets.


But if the sanctions change Russia’s behavior? It is difficult to prove, but without them, probably, Putin would have been in Kiev. In addition, the sanctions it makes sense to introduce even when they are not practical, but rather symbolic. The free world is simply obliged to somehow respond to military aggression and annexation of territories of another state, a military confrontation no one wants.


While sanctions remained and the tramp, but will give them Europe? While it seems that the sanctions will maintain and likely the new Chancellor of Germany from the social Democrats.