Russia, Iran, Syria — what’s next?

Not managed to settle the smoke from the American “Tomahawk”, launched from US ships in Syrian airbase “Shirt” as in the Moscow airport landed the plane, which arrived U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. This step can be considered as an attempt to mitigate the effects of outright US aggression against Syria, especially after the head of the Russian defense Ministry announced the cessation of all forms of cooperation with Washington on the Syrian track.

Tillerson’s visit to Moscow in fact was planned in advance, but it is clear that a missile strike by the U.S. on Syria was the main topic of discussion during the meeting. It can be assumed that the American side has tried to explain their decision to strike, and promised that Russia’s interests in the region will not be affected. Thus, the US goal is to convince Russia of the necessity to change their position and stop supporting Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

It is known that initially the schedule of the visit Tillerson did not include a meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin about what was said in the official statement of the US state Department. The date of the meeting with Putin was announced immediately after the meeting between Rex Tillerson and Sergey Lavrov.

After the meeting, Tillerson said that the parties expressed hope for the resumption of cooperation between Russia and the USA on the Syrian issue, which indicates serious changes in the American position designed to reassure Moscow that marked it in the Syria “red lines” are not violated.

Did not have time Tillerson to leave Moscow as the foreign Ministers of Russia, Iran and Syria voted in favor of holding a meeting in Moscow, the purpose of which would be to discuss the coordination of the allies, both militarily and politically.

During the meeting, the Syrian delegation made a speech, in which he completely denied all charges and allegations from the United States concerning the manufacture and use of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Khan Sheyhun. Syrian representatives have paid special attention to the fact that just a few hours before the missile attack of the USA on Syria, the Americans were positive statements that spoke in favor of cooperation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the fight against terrorism.

Sergey Lavrov also expressed his opinion on the results of the meeting with Tillerson, saying that Russia strongly opposes any act of aggression against Syria by the USA. The Minister added that Russia took from US a promise that they no longer take any military action against Syria. In the same tones favored Advisor to the Syrian President Busana Shaaban.

It is noteworthy that the final statement of the tripartite meeting, the parties put forward three principles:

“The new US attack on Syria is unacceptable”.

“The government of President Bashar al-Assad’s untouchable.”

“Invalid new political and military attack in Syria”.

Perhaps it is wrong to rely on words and trust in American promises, because in the past, the US has rarely performed any of them. Here under the pretext of fight against ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), America uncontrolled killing of innocent people of Mosul, and once the United States claimed that the bombing of Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism in this country, and all in order to demonstrate their power and to intimidate countries in the region disagree with American policy. Now America is deploying troops in the North of Syria from the Iraqi border in an attempt geographically to divide Iraq and Syria, but makes a RAID to the mountain of Sarda, where based Syrian forces. However, she claims that this was the result of military errors, although the real target of the RAID was to prevent the Syrian army and the liberation of the Northern areas of Syria. And today America sends part of the Navy in the Mediterranean and carry out redeployment of the military in Jordan, as well as the organization of logistical troops. These steps constitute the largest mobilization of American armed forces since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, which aims to penetrate the southern Syrian front and cut off the East of Syria from its Northern part near the border with Iraq.

US rhetoric changed again, and Americans again advocate that President Bashar al-Assad resigned. This is stated in the statements of the US administration, namely the Minister of defence James Mattis and Minister of foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson. You can add the words of the Jordanian king Abdullah II and statements from the Gulf States, Israel and Turkey, Erdogan. Using the media, these States are trying to convince the world community that Iran has played and continues to play a greater role in supporting terrorism in the region.

As for the President of the United States Donald trump, you should pay attention to his address to Congress with a request to revise the nuclear agreement with Iran in order to find the gaps in it. Thus, we are witnessing another attempt by the US and its allies to launch a new diplomatic campaign aimed at using fraud and fake data to create an excuse for further military action in the middle East and eventually adopt Washington as the leader in the region.