What has led to the increase in the minimum wage in Ukraine

In Ukraine began to pay the new minimum wage in January. Recall that they now amount to UAH 3200 “dirty”, or 2576 UAH at hand. Authorities warn about the positive impact new minimal salary on the economy and reducing unemployment. But, as found “Today”, the picture is not so rosy, because some workers are now forced to work harder, and others, on the contrary, was transferred to part-time, some reduced, to raise the wages of those who remained.

POWER. According to the Cabinet with the beginning of the year minzarplatu raised 4 million Ukrainians, including 1.55 million state employees and 2.45 million in private structures. As the head of Gosfinuslug Roman Nasirov, due to the increase of mentorplace in January 2017. has collected tax on income of natural persons is 40% more or UAH 2.9 billion, than in January of last year, ESV — 20% or 700 million UAH more. And Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva said that due to the increase of mentorplace average salary for the vacancy in the State center of employment is now 3900 UAH, which is almost twice higher than in 2016, according to the state center of employment, in January was 80 thousand fewer unemployed than in December, including due to the fact that the generated 28 thousand new businesses, we are talking mainly about small business. Finally, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman emphasized: “Our goal is to make every worker received a wage of not less than 3200 UAH”.

Here appear the pitfalls for such a salary does not mean an increase in salary, and may consist of tariff rates, extra charges, to be paid by increasing the amount of work and only for the time worked. That is, if a person is issued part-time (possible including on their own with the consent of administration) or was on leave at own expense (allowed for up to 14 days), he will pay proportionately less.

ON THE GROUND. As found “Today”, in government agencies, wage raised. “Schools added 550-600 UAH teachers without a category and up to 1000 UAH teachers of the highest category, — told us the head teacher of one of Kiev schools Lyudmila Petrik. — But this is due to the revision of salaries on the grid tariff, and because proportionally increased allowances for classroom management, checking notebooks, years of service, which constitute more than 50% of the salary. The novice teacher is now paid on the 9th, not the 7th scale level as last year, 2768 UAH salary, allowances obtained 3321 UAH”. But Patrick acknowledged that there are difficulties with the wages of cleaners. They raised the salary from 1450 to 2500 UAH, but it reduced two of the six, and the remaining increased the “squaring” of harvested areas, and now it turns on 3250 UAH for work on rates of 1.35.

Worse is the situation in state hospitals. “Young doctors are unhappy that they pay the same as nurses and nurse’s aides, and thus a lot more responsibility. Therefore, we nurses “voluntarily” switched to a 0.75 salary and get UAH 2,400 — still it is 400 UAH more than before — told us the nurse of district hospital Dnieper district of Kiev Irina Dimova. And nurses, the janitors, the cleaners work part-time (1600 UAH, was 1450), but sometimes you can go home early if the work is done.” At the same time, according to her, the administration warned that relying on processing is not necessary to speak, otherwise will be fired. In the private sector has its own nuances. “I paid the workers in 1600 UAH, and the rest “under the table” pay now 3200, but the “envelope” decreased by UAH 1,600 plus 22% of ERUs or 1950 UAH. Yet no one quit, as work is now difficult” — told us the Director of the company for the carriage of goods Ivan Savchenko. As the owner of the grocery store Maxim Kolcovo had to fire a saleswoman, and now trades together with his wife-decrescita.

Experts: January is not the measure because of the holidays

Specialists on the labor market, and economists say that the outcome of one of January it is difficult to draw accurate conclusions about how mentorplace 3200 UAH affected the economy. “I do not exclude that after the occurrence of vacancies with salaries in the RS 3200 instead of 1600 for low-skilled work such jobs were in demand, so the official unemployment rate fell, we were told by the HR expert rabota.ua Tatyana Pashkina. But January is not indicative of a month due to long holidays, stay of employees on leave at own expense, where they sends the administration, in order to reduce the costs for heating. Therefore, wages are formally lifted, but in fact they are not paid, because people are not working. Clearly the situation will become clear not earlier than in the first quarter.”

The President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko predicts that many private entrepreneurs are minimized and your business will go into the shadows, so as not to raise mentorplace: “It is the realm of the repair, transport. The growth of minzarplat will accelerate the reduction of rural teachers and doctors due to consolidation of schools and closing smaller health centers in rural areas. Due to this and raise the salaries of the remaining specialists”.

But the authorities are confident that the grounds for transfer of budget for part-time work and the reduction of jobs there. “The government has allocated an additional UAH 40 billion on improving mentorplace public sector employees up to 3200 UAH”, — reminded the Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko. And private entities, he said, already checking the inspectors that the workers worked not officially working full time while making part-time.