Three years of shame

On Sunday, colleagues asked me to comment on the program “Ganapolsky” the third anniversary of the annexation of Crimea as they call on Putin’s “Newspeak” the annexation of the Peninsula, part of the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine. Recognized including bilateral treaties and agreements between Moscow and Kiev.

Frankly, I find it difficult to say something new on this topic. I can only repeat what I said already several times — on this website and in other media, and in public speeches. I understand that going against the current Russian ideological “mainstream” — including the opposition. It is no secret that many Russian opposition leaders prefer not to take a clear position regarding the annexation of the Crimea… But do what you must, come what will.

To celebrate the anniversary of the “annexation” of the Crimea until blue in the face, hoarse, beforehand, to fight, to heavy stage of intoxication and the subsequent equally heavy hangover — it won’t change anything.

In fact, everything is clear and simple. The Crimea was cut off, stolen, has — it was a secret military operation, which was personally chaired by the President of Russia — he after some time, it publicly admitted. Operation, clumsily disguised in a hurry, on the live thread stitched “referendum”.

No one in the world the annexation of the Crimea is not recognized. For the annexation of the Crimea against Russia imposed international sanctions, cancel that nobody is going — despite bodraksky predictions of the Pro-Kremlin pseudo-analysts, periodically predicted that the lifting of sanctions is about to happen.

Yeah, that will happen, of course.

As in the case with trump. How to trump hoped for: he will cancel the sanctions! But the new US President take it and claim that Crimea was illegally annexed and should be returned to Ukraine.

Russia, of course, sick. Anyway, to me it clearly seems from my distant Kiev. How to make a holiday date for international crimes? To hold parties and concerts?

How can you even for a second not to think about the outcome of the incident of the Crimean Tatar people — one of Stalin repressed peoples came back, in fact, still humiliated and insulted. That, in fact, fully revive one of the most shameful, most shameful pages in the history of national national politics?

How can you not see the obvious: from the “annexation” of Crimea, life of ordinary Russian citizen does not become one iota better?

How can people in their right mind be happy with what your government perceive the world as an international bully, which is still swagger, brazen lies all in the eye — say, I had nothing to do with me not standing here, we are not there, etc., etc.?


The event, which was presented by Putin’s propaganda almost as a new starting point on the way of Russia’s revival as a great power, I think, in fact, sooner or later will be perceived as a starting point in the history of the degradation of the Putin regime. This process is likely to be long. But sooner or later, the Putin regime will not.

On what scenario it will happen — today hardly anyone will be able to describe. But it will happen inevitably and it is not excluded, unfortunately, what happens is much more hard and bloody scenario than one in which happened the fall of the Communist regime in the USSR.

And the Crimea — it will have to return. As I had to return the independence of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in 50 years after the Soviet Union committed an act of annexation of the three Baltic States — an act that was never recognized by the same United States. It is also be very difficult and painful process. But will it inevitably will — mark my words.