Horoscope for March 19-25: the rams should come out of hiding, and Virgins time “trotted” debtors

ARIES. Enough “encrypted”, come out of hiding. You are waiting for a public scene, where it is necessary to demonstrate in all its glory your restless temperament. It is advisable to work the field.

And those who have a conflict with the boss, tip: less respond to his “vybryki” and demonstrate by example to work. The main thing — in time to enable auto-stop, taming the fiery “I”.

Nobody stops you to Express yourself, to be independent, but now sprayed silly, take the initiative in the hands and proceed with a cool head and a practical scope. Now you are the parade commander and the fate of colleagues, those who ask for help, depend on the correctness of their solutions.

Those who are looking for work, it’s time to hurry up (before the end of the month), employers are interested in you.

The marriage — time, successful restoration of relations with loved ones with regard to old mistakes.

TAURUS. You go through a phase (until April 19), where the ball is ruled by the law of “cause and consequence. Entrenched in the rear, here the main life “base” and a strategic “realignment” of resources. But periodic assaults on the front lines at critical moments allowed.

Mainly tremendous energy will have to be directed to solving other people’s problems. Do it not from-under sticks, and hunting. Love, personal life, family is the altar that requires a lot of sacrifice.

Parallel to reconsider past wrongs, pray, repent of sins and forever they bear a grudge.

Now the subconscious violently stormy, demanding attention, your task is to see past signs in each situation and control myself, to avoid the fatal skating rink unconscious actions.

GEMINI. On the agenda of a future correction, which is dominated by family and conjugal happiness, relationship and friendship. And social prestige, professional achievements are an illusion. This theme is worked out and need not actively engage in it (brake in time) to the detriment of personal interests.

A serious test of the strength of the marriage bond proceeds (negative peak behind), here to something that is not deserved, do not expect. Previously sowed, so shall you reap. There is a pressing need in friendly dialogue, the harmony of spiritual views. If you look at the world the same way, everything’s fine. But my husband (wife) are old friends and until June 9 to resume it long-standing friendly relations.

This “segment” in life — a fertile source (up to October).

Flirting, courtship, filled with romantic excitement, give you pleasure. But do not flirt. “Performance” needs to have a connection with reality. Feel the partner’s response, because what gives you pleasure, not always blessed companion.

CANCERS. Professional fulfillment is the main benchmark.
If your specialty (business) meets the creative vocation that fits the requests of the society is wonderful, blossoming of talents is guaranteed. Avoid confrontation at work “suck up” to the boss and strive to work with creative zeal. Men could flare up again old office romance.

Be creative, share your own works, simultaneously enriching someone else’s experience. The yoke obligations you should not do (this is a three-year examination of the fate before year’s end on hard work and responsibility). Pull it humbly, without sabotage, metered dispensing power. Overload threaten to undermine health.

Soon be prepared with a variety of “surprises”, a revolutionary change in the business, it is the signals from the future. They must be properly “decode” and respond on time.

LIONS. Outlook finds other colors (more ideological), stop hiding, go out into the public arena, it’s time for “promotion” of the image. Flaunt, boast all that rich — talents and achievements. The best dope is ideological inspirers among people of high spiritual culture.

If conflicts arise, feel free to take on the role of arbitrator, peacemaker and success in a team where everyone is fighting for their truth, defends own views, you are guaranteed.

Renew old ties, will find solace in a circle of old friends, buddies, neighbors, relatives.

If deprived of personal happiness, feel a lack of romantic inspiration, no problem, need is a three-year trial ends at the end of the year.

VIRGO. “Chuyka” where and how to make money from you works brilliantly. But how to find the Golden mean and to stay afloat “our—foreign” interests? The task is difficult because you are naturally inclined to thrift, accustomed to count every penny and do not intend to pay. Except that on credit.

Fortunately, now financial fortune is favorable to you, get rich, get lucky, if skillfully conduct business and properly manage shared finances. It would be a desire! Debtors, “trotted”, let them return made. In the near future to resurrect the old project and mutually with partners to Finance. Yourself do not cook porridge.

If at home uncomfortable, the look of joy on the side. In fact, dissatisfaction with life is the fruit of subjective perception, life is beautiful!

LIBRA. Indulge in Autonomous navigation is contraindicated. For you life score key only in a harmonious Union. Contenders for the hand and heart is. Parites, get married, walk down the aisle, legitimize a marriage. Married and it’s time to look back and reformat the relationship.

On the business front similar pattern. Here laid the basis of cooperation for the next year, and one to pull the overall who share equally the joys and sorrows is very important. Use the secret levers of influence is a valuable confidential information and personal charisma with high efficiency.

SCORPIONS. At stake is the future of career, service, competition will intensify. If you value your status, get ready to expand official powers, increase of volume task is the key to credibility in leadership and financial stability. You can earn money on the side. But to dictate the conditions should not be.

Now you have a high creative and work with enthusiasm, just avoid office bickering. Better to move, everything “boils” in the office lobby, motivated karma, and you should be there to poke his nose gently.
Make friends with colleagues, they will insure you from troubles and will show the right path.

ARCHERS. A place for romantics on a romantic podium, and creators during the creative, which will showcase the talent of the hero-lover, not to get fiasco in the cardiac field. To keep the career afloat will be too long due to bad. Fascinate those (especially women) who determines the status in society, flourishing business.

But keep in mind: seducing artificially without a heart of zeal, you are “working” on the evil one. The one who will fall for your magic, for lack of immunity to the sinful provocations, and then bitterly regret. But you a bitter Cup does not pass.

CAPRICORNS. If the role of General in the garrison family you like, that’s great, here is the guide of destiny. Pay maximum attention to home Affairs, there are colossal opportunities to resolve lingering family issues, the improvement of life. The theme of “superior-subordinate”, “parents-children” the most pressing issue. Look back and make conclusions from the mistakes to continue, not to repeat them.

Family is your teachers, counselors and compass to the future.

AQUARIANS. The focus of momentous events — among close friends, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, brothers, sisters. Here, “shaping” the future. Actively communicate, share experiences, impressions and views. Look for points of interaction, overcoming differences.

Work at home a great deal. Work for the benefit of family well-being, learn, stay up to date with all the news, adding intelligent depot-to-date information. Take on the role of mediator. Inquisitive open all the way and heart.

To listen someone else’s advice but your own opinion (in the future) is the correct one, and rely on him.

Men’s old friend may once again awaken love.

FISH. The “rivet” money. Actively involved in the industry, and the money is properly spend. First of all, do an audit of income and expenses, all rational spread. In order not to go beyond the family budget, making necessary purchases. Favorite certainly make nice gifts, saving for yourself. Here the road spoon for dinner.

Career at the top do not vomit, there lurks the evil one, risking to spoil relations with management. Harmoniously collaborate, satisfying the interests of business partners.

If you extend the debts, the loans will pay off.