The legalization of gambling in Ukraine: projects, fines and risks

Next year in Ukraine can legalize casino — in the new draft Memorandum of cooperation with the IMF, the leadership of our country promises to lift the ban on gambling before the end of 2018. “Today,” I remembered, which threatens to gamers now and how do you suggest to solve the problem of people’s deputies.

THE BLAME FOR EVERYTHING. The gambling business in Ukraine was banned in 2009. The main arguments concern about vulnerable populations and the protection of public morality. The law is still in effect and punishes not only casino owners, but the players. So, for the organization of gambling today relies fine of up to 25.6 million, confiscation of equipment and all profits in favor of the state budget. The punishment for gambling is more modest — “already” 112 UAH!

But in the MVD still flashed the news of the closure of illegal gambling houses. At the end of February in Zaporizhia found a network of more than hundreds of casinos, and just a week ago in Odessa, the Prosecutor’s office covered underground casino. “In non-residential premises was carried out of commercial tournaments for card gambling, and games using mechanical roulette”, — noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak confirmed to us that today gambling mimic and successfully operates under the guise of various lotteries: “recently closed down hundreds of illegal gambling. Alas, often they protect the police themselves. Of course, today we need to make a decision and stop what’s happening in the gambling business And I normally am a legislative solution, knowing that it is about 8-12 billion per year that do not fall in the budget. But the law needs to protect vulnerable people from participating in the games. After all, people often play on the last money in the hope of a quick profit. Must be legalized, which can play only those who can afford it”.

PROJECTS. Information that gambling is illegal, continues to flourish, confirmed by a lawyer, a representative of the Association of gaming business Tripulsky Gregory. “The topic of legalization of gambling is being discussed since its ban, that is already 8 years old. If you allow a casino only in the big cities and make a fairly high license cost, that there will be no social harm. In turn, these institutions can be a very good source for the budget and stimulus for the development of the tourism industry, hotel business and so on,” he said.

It should be noted that today in Parliament there are six bills on the legalization of gambling. The first was filed in 2015, and the last one last summer. “At the current stage of development of society the entertainment industry, particularly gambling, it is an integral part of modern civilization,” — said in the explanatory note to it. While there is described precautions. So, for the casino game, which has not received a license, the Ukrainians will have to pay a fine in the amount of 8.5 thousand UAH, and the organizers of this institution will be punished for 850 thousand UAH, or imprisonment for three years. But the attraction to underage gambling will be punished with seven years in prison.

According to political analyst Vladimir Fesenko, if such rules will get a vote in the Parliament, they have pretty good odds. “MPs will probably vote “Yes.” In my opinion, this decision is much more likely to get approval in Parliament, than, for example, the lifting of the moratorium on land sales, which is also required by the IMF,” he says.

However, treating gambling doctor Daniel Il’yana believes that in any case, legalized gambling is also a negative side: “It is the same disease as alcoholism. But in the case of gambling, people could go for theft or more serious crimes to once again to go to the casino”.

In the world: execution and budget

Different countries approach the issue of gambling business differently. For example, in China the casino is only allowed in the special region of Macau, known as the Asian Las Vegas. The game in an illegal casino in China is punishable by several years in prison, and their organization, the death penalty. Under the strict prohibition of gambling business in Arab countries. But in Canada, you can play roulette or poker anywhere — in the country’s thriving gaming industry. The same situation exists in Greece, Sweden and the Bahamas, where particularly popular floating casino. But the microstate of Monaco with revenues from luxury-casino “Monte Carlo” almost completely fills the budget.