“One belt, one road”: full text of the speech XI Jinping

Briefly: the main theses of the speech of XI Jinping


Dear heads of States and governments, Ministers and heads of international organizations, ladies and gentlemen, friends!

When summer begins and all life grows, blossoms and blooms, this beautiful moment honored guests from 100 countries gathered in Beijing to discuss the plan for the construction of “One belt and one road” (the “Belt and road”). This event is extremely important.

Today brought together a large number of people. I hope that everyone will participate in the discussion and will be free to Express their opinions; each will submit a proposal to advance construction of “Belt and road” and let this landmark project to bring happiness to the peoples of all countries.

Ladies and gentlemen! Friends! More than two thousand years ago, our predecessors, fulfilling hard work of the pioneers, crossed on carts steppes and deserts, was built on land the silk road that connected Asia, Europe and Africa. Our ancestors embarked on a long voyage, overcame a terrible shafts and fury of the waves, to build the Maritime silk road that connected East with West. The ancient silk road opened a new window of the friendly relations between the two countries and wrote a new Chapter in the development of mankind. Carefully stored in the Historical Museum of the Chinese Shaanxi province “gilded moth” and discovered in Indonesia chip sank thousands of years ago the ship to the bat-Hits testify to this historical period.

Stretching for ten thousand Li and had existed for thousands of years the ancient way has amassed a special silk road spirit, which is based on peace and cooperation, openness and cooperation, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win universal. The spirit of the Great silk road is the most valuable heritage of human civilization.

Peace and cooperation. During the Han dynasty, around 140 BC, the peace of the diplomatic mission left the city of Chang’an (the ancient capital of China, modern XI’an) and began to pave the way from the East to the West. At the head of this mission was known Zhang Qian who travelled to the “Western lands.” During the Tang, song and yuan at the same time developing land and sea routes of the silk road. The Chinese traveler Du Huan, the Italian Marco Polo, the Moroccan Ibn Battuta left their mark on these pathways. In the early fifteenth century during the Ming dynasty, the famous Chinese Navigator Zheng he made seven seafaring in the open ocean, he left the praise on themselves for thousands of years. These pioneers won its place in history thanks to the parade horses and the long spears, they had only camel caravans and good intentions. Generation after generation of travellers of the silk road built a bridge of peace and the ties of cooperation between East and West.

Openness and cooperation. The ancient silk road passed through the basins of the Nile, the Tigris and Euphrates, Indus and Ganges, Huang he and Yangtze. The great silk way was crossing the cradle of the Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian and Chinese civilizations, as well as areas dominated by Buddhism, Christianity and Islam; it passed through different countries, where people lived, differing from each other by skin color. The people of different civilizations, religions and races have tried to find a common, despite the differences, they were open and tolerant of each other. They are shoulder to shoulder wrote beautiful poetry, imbued with mutual respect, hand in hand wrote a beautiful painting on the joint development. Today, the ancient city of Jiuquan, Dunhuang, Turfan, Samarkand, Baghdad and Constantinople, as well as ancient ports of Ningbo, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Beihai, Colombo, Jeddah, and Alexandria are the living monuments of this historical period, telling us that the civilization develops due to the openness and the peoples through interaction.

Mutual training. The great silk road is not only the way of trade, but also the way knowledge sharing. The routes of the Great silk road Chinese silk, porcelain, lacquered ware and iron utensils were sent to the West, while in China came pepper, flax, spices, grapes and pomegranate. Thanks to the Great silk road in China Buddhism, Islam, and Arab astronomy, calendar system and medicine. At the same time in different parts of the world were spread to the four great inventions of China, and the skill of sericulture. More importantly, the exchange of goods and knowledge brought new ideas. For example, Buddhism arose in India, blossomed in China, and rich in South-East Asia. Confucian culture, which originated in China, was recognized among European thinkers such as Leibniz and Voltaire. This is the attractiveness of the communication and the success of mutual learning.

Mutual benefit and win universal. The ancient silk road witnessed the splendor of the continuous visits of the envoys and merchants on land and the countless number of ships at sea. On this main artery to move freely such factors of production as capital, technology and people; carried out the sharing of goods and resources. Thrived and developed large city of Almaty, Samarkand and Changan, the ports of sur and Guangzhou. Rapidly developed ancient States of the Roman Empire, the Parthian and Kushan kingdoms; entered the era of the prosperity of the Chinese Han dynasty and the Tang. The great silk road has created a highly developed and prosperous regions.


© flickr.com, bfishadowТолько built stadium in Guangzhou

History is our best teacher. This period of history shows that no matter how far apart we may be, it is only necessary to have the courage to take the first step, and then you can embark on the path of mutual understanding and common development, and to enjoy the beautiful distant land where happiness, tranquility and harmony.

Ladies and gentlemen! Friends!

From the point of view of the history of mankind lives in the era of great progress, great change and deep transformation. Deeply develop the multi-polar world, economic globalization, social Informatization and cultural diversity. Every day a growing trend towards peace and development, reform and innovation are gaining momentum. Never before have we seen such close ties between the two countries, as it is today, such a strong desire of people to live better lives, and never mankind had such a variety of ways of overcoming difficulties.

From the point of view of the reality we live in a world full of challenges. Global growth requires new driving forces, development must be more inclusive and balanced, and the gap between rich and poor should be reduced. Hot spots in some regions cause instability, and terrorism flourishes. A deficit of peace, development and management represents a serious challenge for mankind. I think all the time about this problem.


Conveniently located to visit Kazakhstan in autumn 2013, I put forward the idea of joint construction of the Economic belt of the silk road, and later in Indonesia — the idea of joint construction of Maritime silk road of the XXI century. Together they formed the initiative “One belt and one road”. As the Chinese saying, peach and plum trees are silent, but they always formed a trail from reaching for him. In the four years since the extension of the concept, more than 100 States and international organizations expressed support for the program and began to participate actively in the construction of “Belt and Road”. In the important resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly and the Security Council, contains a reference to it. Thanks to our efforts, the vision of the initiative “Belt and road” comes to life and brings rich fruits.

That’s four straight years of increased policy coordination. I have repeatedly said that the construction of “Belt and road” implies not start with a clean slate, and work on the basis of pairing existing strategies and the use of complementary advantages. We carried out the coordination of policies with countries such as Russia (the pair with the EAEC), the ASEAN (the master plan for interconnection and mutual access), Kazakhstan (pair with Kazakhstan’s program “shining path”), Turkey (pair with a project “Central corridor”), Mongolia (pairing program “development Path”), Vietnam (conjunction with the project “Two corridors, one circle”), UK (pairing strategy Northern Powerhouse), Poland (pairing plan “Amber road”) and so on. Also fully the work on the alignment of plans with Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Hungary. China signed a cooperation agreement with more than 40 countries and international organizations, with more than 30 countries framework cooperation in the field of production capacity. During the forum we will sign a new batch of cooperation agreements and action plans. With more than 60 countries and international organizations will jointly start to promote coordination on issues of free trade in the framework of the “Belt and road”. Through political cooperation with each party will be able to multiply the results.

Four years for the continued strengthening of the relationship infrastructure. The construction of roads creates prosperity in all spheres. We accelerated the promotion of such infrastructural projects like high speed rail in Indonesia, the railway China — Laos railway to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Djibouti railway in Budapest (Hungary) Berg (Serbia). Was built ports of Gwadar and Piraeus, and is planning many projects for the interconnection of infrastructures. Today, a comprehensive infrastructure network, at the forefront of which is economic corridors: China-Pakistan economic corridor, an economic corridor China — Mongolia — Russia and the New Eurasian continental bridge. Frame network is composed of land and sea routes and the information highway, the backbone of that network — railroads, ports, pipelines and other important facilities.

Four years of continuous simplification and elimination of obstacles to trade. China along with the countries involved in creating the “Belt and road”, by all means contributed to the facilitation of trade and investment, constantly improve the conditions for entrepreneurial activities. I know only Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, the time of customs clearance of agricultural products decreased by 90%. From 2014 to 2016, the total volume of trade between China and countries along the Way has exceeded three trillion dollars. China’s investment in countries along the Way have exceeded $ 50 billion. Chinese enterprises have built more than 20 countries 56 economic cooperation zones, and also provided tax revenues amounting to about $ 1.1 billion and created in these countries, 180 thousand jobs.

This four-year continuous extension of the free movement of capital. The bottleneck in the sphere of Finance — the so-called problem of the “bottleneck”. It is especially felt in building mutual ties. China is a participant of various forms of financial cooperation with countries and organizations involved in creating the “Belt and road”. The Asian infrastructure investment Bank has already provided loans for nine projects in the framework of the “Belt and Road” in the amount of $ 1.7 billion. The investments of the Fund the silk road reached four billion dollars. China and 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe established a joint financial holding company in the format of “16+1”. These new financial mechanisms and traditional multilateral financial institutions such as the world Bank complement each other. In General formed a multi-level network of financial cooperation “Belt and road”.

Four years of strengthening ties between peoples. Friendship which stems from close contact between people, is key to healthy relations between States. In the spirit of the silk road, we, the participating countries of the initiative “Belt and road”, put efforts to build the intellectual silk road and silk healthy way and also carried out cooperation in science, education, culture, health and informal contacts. These contacts have helped to create a strong social Foundation for the implementation of the initiative “Belt and road”. Every year, the Chinese government provides 10 thousand government scholarships. Local authorities of China also established a special scholarship “silk road” to promote international cultural and educational exchanges. Thriving cooperation projects between people, such as the year of culture of the silk road, the year of tourism, arts festival, film and television projects, seminars and dialogues between research centers. People to people contacts increased, in this communication reduces the distance between the hearts.

These fruitful results demonstrate that the initiative “Belt and road” meets the trends of the era, the laws of development, in the interests of the people of all countries and has broad prospects.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


In China we often say: “the Beginning of a journey is the hardest part”. In the framework of the initiative “Belt and road” made a solid first step. We must step up its efforts in taking the initiative “Belt and road” into the future. By doing this work we should be guided by the following principles.

First, we need to turn the “Belt and road” in the road to peace. The ancient silk road flourished in times of peace, but lost his energy during the war. The implementation of the plans of the “Belt and road” requires a peaceful and stable environment. We must build international relations of a new type, the hallmark of which will be beneficial for all the cooperation. We must form partnerships based on dialogue and friendship, not confrontational alliances. All countries should respect the sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity of other States, their development path and social system, and take into account key interests and concerns to each other.

Some regions along the ancient silk road were real rivers of milk and honey. But today these places are often associated with conflict, unrest, crises and problems. This state of Affairs must end. We must form the concept of common, comprehensive and sustainable security based on cooperation and joint efforts to create conditions of security for a joint use of them. We should resolve pressing issues by political means, promoting the mediation in the spirit of justice. We need to expand counter-terrorism measures, eliminating the symptoms and root causes of terrorism. We must strive to eradicate poverty, underdevelopment and social injustice.

Second, we need to turn the “Belt and road” to the road of prosperity. Development is the key to solving all problems. Putting into practice the initiative of the “Belt and road”, we need to focus on this fundamental issue needs to unleash the growth potential of different countries, achieving economic integration and common development for the benefit of everyone.

Industry is the backbone of the economy. We should strengthen cooperation in this area, to the plans of different countries complement and reinforce each other. The main attention should be focused on starting large projects. We must strengthen international cooperation to promote capacity building and production equipment, as well as to use opportunities for development offered us a new industrial revolution to create new companies and to sustain dynamic growth.

Finance is the circulatory system of the modern economy. Growth is possible only when the blood circulates rhythmically. We need to create sustainable and viable system of financial safeguards, which will limit the risks, to create new models of investment and financing, promote greater collaboration between the public and private capital, and build a diversified financing system and multi-level capital market. We also need to develop inclusive and non-discriminatory funding and improve the system of financial services.

Infrastructure is the Foundation of development through cooperation. We need to promote the pairing of land, sea, air and digital infrastructure, focus on key corridors, cities and projects and to join the network by road, rail and sea ports. The construction of six major economic corridors in the framework of the “Belt and road” set, and now we must begin to implement them. We should take advantage of opportunities that arise in connection with the new changes in the structure of power and revolution in energy technologies to develop global energy relations and to provide environmentally friendly and low-carbon production. We need to improve TRANS-regional logistics network and to provide a link between policy, rules and standards, in order to establish institutional guarantees for the development of interconnection infrastructure.

Thirdly, we need to turn the “Belt and road” in the road to openness. Openness leads to progress, and the insulation to the retardation. Openness for the country like the struggle of the chrysalis trying to break out of its cocoon. Yes, in the short term will be difficult and painful, but a new life is born in pain. Initiative “Belt and road” should be open and accessible, because only in this case will be potential economic growth and balanced development.

We need to create an open platform for cooperation, protecting and developing an open world economy. We must work together to create an environment which would promote openness and development, to form a fair, equitable and transparent system of international trade and investment rules. We must ensure that the regulated use of production factors, efficient allocation of resources and full integration of the market. We welcome the efforts of other countries in the development of open economies, taking into account their national circumstances, to participate in global governance and creation of public goods. Together we can build a vast community with common interests.

Trade is an important engine of growth. We have an open mind to relate to the outside world, defending a multilateral trade regime, contributing to the creation of free trade zones, promoting liberalization, trade and investment. Of course, we also need to focus on solving problems such as the imbalance in development, the challenges of public administration, the difference in digital coverage and income inequality, making it so that economic globalization was an open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all.

Fourth, we need to turn the “Belt and road” in the way of innovation. Innovation is an important force that gives impetus to development. Initiative “Belt and road” Nova by nature, and we have in its implementation promote innovation.

We need to promote innovation and to enhance cooperation in advanced areas such as digital economy, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and quantum computing. We should help develop the big data, cloud environment and smart cities, to turn them into digital silk road of the XXI century. We should accelerate the integration of science and technology, introducing them in industry and Finance, improving conditions for innovation and combining resources. We need to create platforms and incubators for young people from different countries, to promote the development of entrepreneurship in the era of the Internet and help her realize their dreams.

We should stick to the new views based on sustainable development, a new way of life and work, in which the most important place will be “green” technologies, low carbon economy, closed cycles and meet future demands. It is necessary to make efforts to strengthen cooperation in environmental protection and in establishing a sound ecosystem in order to achieve the goals of “Agenda for sustainable development for the period till 2030”.

Fifth, we need to turn the “Belt and road” a road connecting different civilization. Implementing the initiative “Belt and road”, we are required to do so in the relations between the various civilizations instead of alienation came to an interchange, in place of the collisions — cognition of each other, replaced by a sense of superiority — coexistence. This will strengthen mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual trust between different countries.


© AP Photo, Andy WongПекин on the eve of the forum of “One belt and one road”

We must establish multi-tiered mechanism of cultural and interpersonal exchanges, create more areas for cooperation and to open more channels for cooperation. It is necessary to strengthen cooperation in the field of education, to develop student exchange, creation of schools with joint administration. A more substantial role should be played by think tanks on which you must build networks and partnerships. It is necessary to form new models of cooperation in culture, sports and healthcare, to contribute to the realization of the projects giving concrete benefits. You should know cultural and historical heritage together to protect it and to create tourism products, keeping the cultural features of the silk road. We need to develop inter-parliamentary and inter-party communications and exchanges between non-governmental organizations of different countries, and between women, youth and people with disabilities, and the goal of inclusive and non-discriminatory development. We also need to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against corruption to the “Belt and road” was the road with the highest ethical standards.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!

China has reached a new starting point in its development. Guided by the concept of innovative, sustainable, open and inclusive development, we will adapt to and focus on new standards of economic development, using the opportunities which they offer us. We will actively carry out structural reforms-priority proposals to achieve sustainable development, to give a strong impetus to the initiative of the “Belt and road” and create a new opportunity for global development.

China will strengthen friendly relations and cooperation with all countries participating in the initiative “Belt and road”, based on “Five principles of peaceful coexistence”. We are ready to share the methods of development with other countries, but we have no intention to interfere in the internal Affairs of these countries to export their social system and development model or to impose our will on others. In the process of implementing the initiative “Belt and road” we will not resort to outdated geopolitical maneuvers. We hope to build a new model of mutually beneficial cooperation. We do not intend to infringe on anyone’s rights and undermine the stability we hope to create a large family whose members will live in harmony with each other.

In the framework of the initiative “Belt and road” China has entered into agreements for practical cooperation with many countries. These agreements cover not only the transport, infrastructure and energy projects, but also projects in the field of telecommunications, customs inspection and quarantine supervision. The agreements also include plans and projects of cooperation in the field of economy and trade, industry, Internet Commerce, Maritime economy and the green economy. Chinese railway transport Agency will sign agreements with similar companies in other countries to strengthen cooperation in the field of the regular transport of goods between China and Europe. We will try to run these cooperation projects as early as possible, so they can produce results as quickly as possible.

China will increase financial support for the initiative “Belt and road”, by making an additional 100 billion yuan in the silk road Fund, and we encourage financial institutions to conduct business abroad through about 300 billion yuan. The China development Bank and Export-import Bank of China will develop special schemes providing loans for a total amount equivalent to 250 billion and 130 billion yuan, respectively, to support cooperation in the framework of the “Belt and road” in the area of infrastructure, production capacity and Finance. In addition, we will cooperate with the Asian infrastructure investment Bank, the New BRICS development Bank, the world Bank and other international development institutions to support projects in the framework of the “Belt and road”. We will work with other stakeholders to formulate the basic principles of financing development projects.

China will try to build a mutually beneficial business relationship with other countries participating in the initiative “Belt and road”, to simplify procedures in the sphere of investments and trade with them and to create a network of free trade with the countries participating in this initiative. These efforts are intended to stimulate growth in our region and around the world. In this forum, China will sign business contracts and agreements on cooperation in the field of trade more than 30 countries and will start consultations concerning the signing of free trade agreements with these countries. Starting in 2018, China will host the international exhibition China International Import Expo.

China will strengthen cooperation with other countries in innovation. In the framework of the “Belt and road” we begin the implementation of the Perspective plan of cooperation in science, technology and innovation, which involves the initiative for international exchange of achievements in science and technology, the initiative to establish joint laboratories, initiative for cooperation and technology parks initiative on technology transfer. In the next five years we will invite 2.5 thousand young foreign scholars to make short research visits to China, will provide training for five thousand foreign scientists, engineers and managers and will create 50 joint laboratories. We will create a major information platform for the protection of the environment. In the framework of the “Belt and road” we offer to form an international coalition on environmentally friendly development and will provide assistance to the participating countries of this initiative in adaptation to climate change.

In the next three years China will provide assistance worth nearly 60 billion yuan developing countries and international organizations participating in the initiative “Belt and road”, the implementation of projects to improve living standards of their peoples. We will provide the countries participating in this initiative emergency food assistance in the amount of two billion RMB and will make an additional contribution in the amount of one billion dollars to the UN Fund to facilitate cooperation “South — South”. China will launch 100 projects “happy home”, 100 projects to combat poverty and 100 projects on the protection of health in the countries that participate in the initiative “Belt and road”. China will provide influential international organizations one billion dollars for implementation of cooperative projects that will benefit the countries participating in this initiative.

China will create the following mechanisms to strengthen cooperation in the framework of the “Belt and road”, the liaison office to coordinate further activities of the forum, financial Research center and economic development Center promote the “Belt and road”, international centre for the development of financial cooperation, which will cooperate with international development banks, as well as capacity development of the IMF — China. We will establish mechanisms of cooperation between non-governmental organizations in the countries of the “Belt and road” as well as new platforms for international exchange such as alliances in journalism and music education.

The initiative “Belt and road” on the ancient silk road. This initiative is primarily aimed at the Asian, European and African continents, but it is open to other countries. Any countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the two Americas can become partners in this initiative. Its implementation will be accompanied by an active and extensive consultations, and we will all be able to take advantage of the benefits it gives us.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!

As stated in an ancient Chinese proverb, a long way you can go, only doing step by step. And there is an Arabic proverb says that a pyramid can be constructed only by stacking one stone on another. In Europe, they say that Rome is not built in a day. Initiative “Belt and road” is a large — scale enterprise which requires time and focused effort. Let us implement this initiative step by step and gradually progress towards the goals. So we will be able to bring real benefit to our people and to the world.

I wish success to all participants of the Forum of international cooperation “One belt, one road”!

Thank you for your attention.