As Ukrainian officials congratulate the women on the holidays

When it comes to gifts, they are prepared in the capital and in small towns. But if the surprises sent state money to prepare the gift, converge in the nearby flower stall and paying there in cash will not succeed, because these expenditures must be under the strict and transparent control. And here useful officials are possibilities of public e-procurement ProZorro. What exactly to give women civil servants in different parts of the country, experts have found a trading platform the official party ProZorro. For readers of the “Today” intelligence gathered examples of gifts and festivities, which were prepared on March 8, and other official events.

Millions of roses, tulips and carnations

The office of multispace Kryvyi Rih city Council decided to spare no Finance on the flowers, so I bought them for 110 thousand UAH. For such an impressive amount purchased 7200 bouquets and flower baskets. The procurement was carried out in late February, however, it States that such scales assume congratulations for the whole year. So women not only can rely on the bright greetings on the occasion of different celebrations.

A similar situation with property Management the common property of the Lviv regional Council, which in February conducted the purchase of 50 roses by the piece (by the way, long 70-90 cm), 30 bouquets of the same roses, 30 flower arrangements, baskets and other things on 65 thousand UAH. This purchase, obviously, is also made with the prospect.

But the Chernihiv regional state administration a few days before the spring festival bought stud 100 and two separate bouquet on 1660 UAH.

The Executive Committee of the Department of humanitarian policy of the Dnepropetrovsk city Council held an auction for the purchase of 150 bunches at three tulips for the event on March 8th. And one of the requirements for the purchase was a pleasant fragrance of these flowers.

Provided themselves with flowers and the Department of culture, tourism and cultural heritage of the Dniprovskiy district in Kyiv city state administration. There is the spring festival purchased 300 bouquets of tulips with the design of almost 10 thousand UAH.

Similar procurement in late February-early March was ten.

Chocolate and circuses

To make a holiday for women delicious and sweet decided Slobozhansky the Executive Committee of the village Council of Dnipropetrovsk oblast. They bought 250 boxes of chocolates almost 13 thousand UAH.

And in Kiev, unfortunately, unsuccessful was the purchase of March 8 confectionery sets “You are not alone” for single mothers who are in difficult life circumstances. The auction, announced Svyatoshynsky district center of social services for family, children and youth, was not given any suggestions. The institution wanted to buy 60 sets for 3000 UAH.

Municipal enterprise “Organizational-analytical Department of” Dnieper city Council decided to make a celebration for women truly memorable. Services on organization and holding the event “the Celebration of March 8” were purchased by 1.95 million. This amount includes design and print greeting flyers, 12 thousand of bouquets for 3 Tulip, renting storage rooms for flowers and transport services. In addition, women had to entertain 16 animators. And the festive evening also included participation by a professional presenter, a DJ for the dancing part of the event and special guest stars. To treat was commissioned by a gourmet Banquet for 600 persons.

A large-scale celebration of international women’s day wanted the Department of culture, tourism and protection of cultural heritage intercession city Council of Donetsk region. He acquired the services of organization of events to celebrate 8 March in the city of 45 thousand UAH.

The Department of culture, tourism and protection of cultural heritage Dniprovskyi district state administration of Kiev, in addition to flowers, 15 thousand UAH has acquired services for the organization of cultural events for the holiday of spring. So, in addition to equipment, such as microphones, mixers, monitors, amplifiers, and other customer provided more specific conditions of purchase. For example, the presence in the composition of dance troupes or ballet at least 10 people, choirs and vocal ensembles, performers, and preference is given to performers who have government titles and diplomas of the winners of international and Ukrainian contests.

The Department of culture of the Moscow district of the Department of culture of Kharkiv city Council also decided to make women a spectacle, having bought for 2000 UAH services master of the feast and 4000 UAH – technical support sound-amplifying equipment.

And in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Kamensky city Council, as in the case with flowers, greeting stocked with leaflets for the year ahead, by purchasing 420 pieces almost 15 thousand UAH. Among other things, 170 postcards were purchased on March 8th.

But here is the unusual subject for congratulation steel towels. Klosowski village Council Sarny district, Rivne region purchased 24 of these presents at 5.5 thousand UAH. for the celebration of International women’s day.