The recommendation of Bishop Paul: what books to read and why you should not go to psychologists

– Lord, give advice, some spiritual literature should be read for the soul and mind?

– A person who seeks the way to God, should read the gospel. Scripture is a conversation with God. Of course, from the beginning you can not understand the meaning of written. And not everything it says is happening in the Church. For example, during the service the congregation sings the creed, but the gospel says nothing about this. Therefore, we need a spiritual leader who will be able to explain the most simple truths.

Should definitely read the acts of the apostles to understand the meaning of the actions of the Church. Because the acts of the apostles the life of the Church. The message of the apostles is the answer to pressing issues in the society of believers. For example, the Apostle explains how to behave in the messages. This Epistle to Titus, as Titus, who in 19 years a Bishop should behave, so as not to falter in faith and lead others. How to lead a healthy lifestyle – even States: “when the sick, raise the wine a small amount of water for the health of the stomach.” In the Scriptures you’ll find the answers to all the questions in our daily life.

But there is a mysterious book, the “Apocalypse”. I advise you to read it as a history book – no more, no less. Because if you’re over her to talk, you will definitely fall into heresy. Why? We can’t tell who the beast is, we are afraid of the number 666 – the number of the beast. So you can read it, but remember that this is the book of the future – a book that will reveal to us the meaning after the coming of Christ.

When there was no Christ, many prophets were read the old Testament. Christ himself said that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David wanted to see what we have, that is Christ. They wanted to touch him. They could not understand how a virgin can give birth to a son, how can a benefactor to crucify people if he raises the dead, lifts ill. When Christ was crucified, we understand the essence of the old Testament Scriptures and fulfillment of the New Testament.

When man is a little rooted in the faith will accept her with all my heart, will love the Psalms, on which Dimitry of Rostov says that even if you don’t understand what you are reading, the devil understands and goes to hide in the copper pipe, because the prophetic word was being fulfilled and performed to the present day.


– Not all people go to Church and not everyone has a spiritual father. Where to find a mentor? Are there any other additional tools?

An additional instrument is the interpretation of St. John Chrysostom or Theophylact of Bulgaria. Or called “Katehezis” and “God’s Law”, which lays out everything on the shelves. But in any case, if you want to escape, do not listen to preachers on the Internet, sectarians. In any case not to go to psychics – they don’t do this with God’s will and none of them told the truth. The so-called “all-seeing” advertise yourself – they have a whole network of people who say “here I am so-and-so is a psychic, someone told”.

– And how then, listening to yourself, to understand that it is from God? After all, people and dreams prophetic dreams.

– Not every dream to believe. Dreams every day. Why? Had seen a TV, read online, and heard enough stupid, had a fight with husband or wife. The man drives in his head – is he in my dreams. If you want it to go well, pray the evening. Get up half an hour early, read the morning prayer. Before the adoption and after the meal we pray. Bless the children the sign of the cross or ocenite icon. You tell him: “Lord, help me. Put on the right path”. There is a very good prayer Parthenios of Kiev. “Let the Lord, to endure all the events of the coming day and not to offend, not to upset and not to dissipate”. Going out on the road, always ask God for help – and do what you do at this time.

– What would you recommend to read to people who use the services of a psychologist, not in all aspects of the psychologist and the priest will say the same?

– There is a Church and a priest. And the priest should not depart from the gospel and the Holy literature. What can help a psychologist who takes for their services money? People can go away with an empty wallet and hatred of everything. Have to go to the temple, to the priest. Why does the soul hurt? Because of her burden of sin. Why Judas left from the last supper? He had a purpose of profit – he took the money, saw that nothing good is done. He was ashamed he went and hanged himself.

For example, the plane crashed, killing children – what can we say of the mother of consolation? “Why are you crying? You’re not the first”? I always say, “I can’t help you. I will not take away your grief. But only one joy and consolation in your life is the Lord who can calm your heart.” If the person was crippled, help as you can, and give thanks. If you suffer, ask that the Lord took, stopped suffering. If the person at the front blown off an arm or a leg, say, “hang in there, bit you on,” he calm down? No, he’ll be angry. To heal may be only one physician is Christ.

Therefore, no psychologists, astrologers, clairvoyants. This is all from the devil. One doctor and the soul and the body is Christ.


– Orthodox psychologists?

– They are not. The best psychologist – priest. A man comes in frustration – what would you not tell him, he will not become easier but when people confess and to partake of the Holy mysteries of Christ he will feel better. The priest let go his sins in the Name of Christ and in a place so connected with the Lord.” When people say that God is one then why so many religions? They say that all wounds before God that there should be democracy-democracy and permissiveness is hell. All are equal in the cemetery and in the bath because there is dead and there stripped. This reward is different for everyone.

– How to know the Will of God?

– The will of God – that which is Holy. It is fulfilled in love of neighbor. If you don’t know what to do today, you hesitate, – open the gospel and look for answers there. Did God, who went on the cross for you, died and is risen, is risen to you, make you feel bad? Never! Why would a loving father would betray the daughter or son? Never. This is the will of God. Always put the question: “As Christ would have done?”, and if a woman is “the mother of God would?” It’s very simple – if we want to think, and most importantly – not to sin.