How much will have to pay for heating under the new law and will change if rates fall

Ukrainians after a few months it will be the first bills for heating. The heat tariff will not change, however, according to the law “On commercial accounting utilities” will have to pay under the new rules. In addition, in may the government changed the subsidy program. The website “Today” found that waiting for Ukrainians in the new heating season.

As will be considered, heating

A few weeks ago, President Poroshenko signed the law “On commercial accounting utilities”. Suppliers of heat must in all high-rise buildings to install heat. Pay for it by the customers themselves – the cost of the devices included in the rate. If there is housing the meter, bills will be based on the principle that the testimony of their own counter + part of the cost of heating the common area (entrance). By the way, in many cities, heat meters have already put in most high-rise buildings.

The final decision on what technique will calculate the amount in the payment shall make the relevant ministries. “Article 10 of the Law States that the distribution of public services between the residents of the house with individual nodes of the distributed accounting (public counters) will be distributed according to the method, a Central authority in the field of housing”, – said the Director of DTEK ESKO Yevhen Bushma.

Says the expert in the field of energy efficiency Andrew Iron, often the setting of the counter allows you to pay 20-25% less. Without meters Ukrainians pay for standards that are higher than the real consumption. However, it may be the reverse situation. If the home is leaky Windows and non-insulated walls, after installation of the meter the amount in the payment can grow. In any case, the expert believes, the meter installation is the right decision and the first step on the path to savings.

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By the way, in the Memorandum with the IMF , Ukraine has committed itself before the end of summer to introduce a monthly fee for heating. “We will apply the tariffs for gas and heating based on the capacity that will allow to transfer some of the cost for the summer months,” – said in the Memorandum with the IMF. The introduction of a “tariff for delivery of heating” actually means that the tariff will be divided into two components: the direct cost of heat and fee for infrastructure maintenance. The first component you will have to pay only during the heating season, and monthly fee – all year round.

At the request of the website “Today” member of the National Commission, which performs state regulation in energy and utilities (NKREKU) Ruslan Mashliakivsky explained: “the establishment of two-part tariffs for Central heating can be an exclusive initiative of the supplier of heat.” As explained in the Department of heat NKREKU, the supplier must agree on the decision on the introduction of a license fee with the local authority, to undertake discussions and only after that to submit their calculations to the Commission. In NKREKU calculations will check and make the decision to approve the tariff or not.

If innovation still will be, the Ukrainians will have year round pay the monthly fee for heat (from 20 to 100 hryvnia dependent on supplier), and in the heating season to pay for used Gcal.

Will I have to pay more?

In may, the norms of heat consumption reduced. For gas heating – from 5.5 to 5 cubic meters per square meter, and for Central – 0,0548 to 0,0431 Gcal per square meter of heated area. And given that the subsidy covers the social norm is proportionally reduced and discounted heating. For example, if last winter for heating the building with an area of 70 squares subsidy covers 385 cubic meters of gas, after reduction of standards on the same house will give only 350 cubes. If you consume like the “old norm”, in excess of 35 cubic meters will have to pay without subsidies. According to the current tariff for natural gas this amount will cost 238 USD.

By the way, the website “Today” has developed a subsidy calculator. It can be used to find out what subsidy you can get this heating season.

How much you should pay for communal subsidy
How many people in your family:
What is the total income of your family (UAH):

How do you heat the house:
There is Central heating
Heated with gas

What area of your home (m2):

How many can pay for communal*:
* If the specified amount is sufficient for the payment of utilities with no subsidy, “discount” is not entitled to

What is covered by the subsidy:

The calculator shows a sample calculation. The final decision on the appointment of subsidies are received by the local authority of social protection, which also can calculate the exact amount of the grant.

Gas prices in Ukraine established by the Cabinet of Ministers, and the cost of heating says the national Commission in the areas of energy and utilities. As stated by the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, the cost of natural gas can vary dependent on the level of inflation, but the reason for the spike, the Prime Minister said, at the moment. “The prices (of gas – ed.) will remain in the natural fluctuations of prices in line with inflation including. Because of some drastic changes in pricing will not happen. And as prices for housing and communal services, they are formed or an independent Commission for regulation of utilities (NKREKU – ed)”, – said the head of government.

At the same time, experts in the field of energy believe that the reason for the growth rate of natural gas, and therefore the heating – there. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers “tied” the price of gas to the cost of imported fuel. Formed when a rate of 6.8 hryvnia per cubic meter, the gas for Ukraine was worth $ 185, and the budget for this year includes: the gas will cost 246 dollars. According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers №90 from 21 February, the tariff for natural gas must revise the first of April and first of October of each year. The revision will take into account the monthly average gas prices in the German hub NCG (per semester). If you find that the rate of generated on import parity, higher current is not less than 10%, the price needs to be revised. Read more about why can raise fares, you can read here.