Putin and a crowd of Trumps

Heard? Donald trump met with Vladimir Putin. Now the us authorities claim that he accused Putin of meddling in the presidential election, and the Russian claim that he had accepted Putin’s assurances, according to which nothing of the kind.

Now I will explain why it was inevitable.

Our President, as you know, there’s many guises — from the Speaker-and-Public-Figure to Almost Crazy trump, which we can often see on Twitter.

Among them are Diplomatic Master, apparently indifferent to Putin.

“President Putin’s much discussed — and, in my opinion, with great success. We had a good, great talks,” said trump before the start of the conversation. What could he have in mind is unclear. Some kind of slumber party? Generally speaking, previously they never personally met, although during his election campaign trump and “reminisced” about some imagined meeting with Putin.

Then they started the negotiations and spoke for over two hours. After some time, Melania went with them to remind Trump that he has other things to do. Naturally, he ignored her.

The presidents agreed in advance agreed on a limited ceasefire in Syria. They also talked about Russian intervention in the American elections. That’s just not clear what Trumps Putin talked about this. For example, the version that Polish journalists asked a few questions earlier in the day, it seems, the incident was considered the moral equivalent of crossing the street in the wrong place. (“A lot of who intervenes. I would say that these things happen for a long time”.)

It was a trump-Improviser — an extremely interesting personality. Then Twitter suddenly emerged Almost crazy tramp and accused in the scandal surrounding the hacking of the Democrats: “Here all discuss why John Podesta (John Podesta) refused to transfer the server of the Democratic national Committee, the FBI and the CIA. What a shame!”

Have a few questions, and chief among them — why should the leaders of major countries to discuss a former employee of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, currently traveling with his wife across America.

Before meeting with Putin, Almost crazy tramp has disappeared and in its place came a tramp-Specialist Meetings. This tramp really knows how to nod her head, allowing the other side to think that he agree with her (at the time, really, he thinks only of dinner). Opposite him sat Putin — a man who is sure that he always wins in disputes (and if the opponent dares to resist, it is always possible to arrest).

The perfect couple! It is not surprising that the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) said that “between them clearly had the sympathy.”

Prior to that, Europe has met with other versions of our President. Trump-the Speaker is usually making a good impression entered Poland in Crusader rage and began to call for the protection of Western civilization from “radical Islamic terrorism” and “permanent encroachments” of the state bureaucracy.

Around the same time, Japan and the European Union announced a big trade agreement is very profitable for the Japanese automakers and European farmers. That’s what you’d prefer — loud speech, or a trade agreement? Maybe a tweet about John Podesta? Two different trump has already secured two of the three. So what are you complaining about?

The poles also had to meet with trump, Improviser, suddenly popped up at a meeting with representatives of the Eastern European countries. First praising the owners (“by the way, beautiful country”), the President has taken to bragging about the economic success of America (“our stock market has recently broken all records…”) and complain that he personally can not make money from it (“all except me, enriched — well, okay, that’s good”).

As it turns out, of course, due to the fact that all the time he spends on presidential duties. However, the business it is now run by his sons! Have they lost money on this wonderful stock market? If so, Eric you need to seriously talk.

Then trump started ranting about the greatness of the United States: “we Have the best technology. We have the best technology for fighter jets, ships and armaments, military equipment. Nobody in the world anywhere close to our level.” He was clearly to remind the guest who over lunch talking about how great he plays tennis, his great car and how he had a wonderful vacation.

On the same day trump gave a very short press conference, during which he boasted that the American poles “just crowds poured to the polls — and I was very pleased with the result.”

Standards trump is even bragging, it was hard to call. However, a shame that now for his behavior the whole world is watching. Perhaps in the future during foreign visits, he will just imagine, as “the President of the United States, who not only won the election, but walked as a TV presenter Arnold Schwarzenegger rated”. At least it will be clear from the outset.

So rejoice, Europeans, we sent you a whole bunch of different Trumps. Hope you liked it. If you want to keep a few pieces.