As and when a new minimum salary and reduced regulations will affect subsidies

At the end of this year, according to the Ministry of social policy, “a discount on a communal flat” will receive 9 of the 15 million Ukrainian families. In this year’s budget for grants laid 51 billion hryvnia. The average amount of subsidy – 1521 hryvnia. The website “Today” figured out how the grant will impact new regulations and minimal.

New minimum salary will affect subsidence only in 2018. the Subsidy charged on the basis of income over the past year. This year “discount on a communal flat” will be calculated on the basis of revenue in 2016, and for 2017. As calculated in the Finance Ministry, due to the increase in the minimum wage two times for subsidies will be able to save five billion hryvnia.

For example, the total income of a family of four in 2016 – 3200 UAH (two parents with minimum wage and two children). 800 hryvnia each. For utilities such family, if you spend within social norms, will pay no more than 122 USD. In 2017, the same family with two minimum wage will earn 6400 UAH, and for communal pay about 493 USD. The amount of subsidy for families with minimum wage will reduce. However, the Ukrainians, who received the minimal decrease will not feel the wage growth will cover additional expenses in several times.

Due to new regulations in the 2017/2018 season for heating have to pay more. In may this year, the ratio of consumption of gas for heating will reduce to 5 cubic meters (at the moment of 5.5 cubic meters). For example, the subsidy now covers 330 cubic meters heating the apartment with an area of 60 square meters, in the next heating season “utilities discount” will charge only 300 cubic meters. If we continue to burn 330 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters have to pay without subsidies. According to the current rate is still 204 hryvnia.

Also revised the ratio of consumption Gcal 3,28 only 2.5 Gcal of heat. If you do not reduce consumption, 0,7 Gcal will have to pay without subsidies. In Kiev, this amount of heat will cost about 1411 USD.