Get rid of fatigue for three days in Transcarpathia: relax tour for may holidays

Spring is the time when you want to leave your den and open new horizons. And let you do not stop the cold coming: according to the promises of weather forecasters, it will be short-lived. Ahead of us is growing, the thermometer — it’s time to plan a relax vacation. To facilitate this task, we went to the Carpathians and learned how they can get rid of fatigue in just three days.

Because any route in this region it is logical to start with Uzhgorod, local we recommend to consider the date of the visit. If you want to walk the streets of the old town on the may, is to book hotel rooms now. After this period falls the cherry blossoms, and thousands of tourists from all over the country, as well as Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia come to admire them.


First we’ll travel to Uzhgorod, it is most convenient to travel to other tourist places of the Transcarpathian region. Its name he received is not due to the abundance of snakes, and with the river Uzh (which in Hungarian means “South”), along which lies the city. Walk along the promenade is a must study program, especially along it you will see many charming sculptures. For example, you smile the tiniest in Europe brave Svejk or the thumbnail-the doughnut — a copy of the statue of Liberty. The locals suggest in addition to the inspection of dostoprimechatelnostey (visit the Uzhgorod castle or beautiful Bozdoshsky Park) to arrange a tour of the pubs. Every self-respecting pub has its own microbrewery, serving unique craft beer. There are more than twenty, despite the fact that the population of the city is only 115 thousand people. Also, local are very proud of their coffee. “Yes, in Lviv, the coffee is good. But cooking it can not,” jokes our guide.

The embankment in may, is smothered in pink blossoms Sakura

This little dumpling lighthouse

The map is interesting for the blind

A mini-monument in the center


Transcarpathia is known for its wines: there were well-accustomed luxury of the Austrian grapes. Especially local winemakers are proud of their white wine. But not only wine the region is famous. In the village Botar of Vynohradiv district go to a tasting of lecara (this is the jam that is often made from plums) and the jam made from blackthorn (90 UAH). In Mukachevo the “Honey house” try the honey from local plants: the eating of the Goodies is going on here under the introduction into the world of striped toilers (70 UAH). In restaurants, always order a local specialty-kettle (there are several types of meat and lots of paprika) and different types of Transcarpathian sausages.

Honey tasting


One of the oldest cities in Ukraine — Mukacheve — deserved escape from everyday life for a weekend. Be sure to take a local guide (in average it services will cost UAH 300): it will stop you almost every step of the way and tell you what and when outstanding have occurred at the stop. For example, I smiled the story hours at the town Hall. Now they work with Swiss precision, and the reason for that is the trial of one merchant. He once missed the train and did not have time to conclude a bargain due to the fact that it focused on non-performing on the town Hall clock. He sued the city in court and won it, and ever since to maintain the accuracy of their work is the task of local importance. And a block from the town Hall to meet local capricious lady — Sakura, which bloom on their own schedule: when, in may, and when in February.

In the city there is a unique tour… the chimneys! Spend it on the trails of a legend — chimney-sweep of Bertalan Toth, who installed the monument in the heart of the city, because he more than 50 years devoted to this work. By the way, this monument — happy: it brings good luck to all who RUB the button. And Barcelona can also be found on the streets, but he still cleans the chimneys.

Not far from Mukachevo there is the village of chinadievo, where to go for an evening tour of the castle of Saint-Miklosh. Here you will spend literally through the walls. The fact that when the castle was built, its walls made of secret moves and right now it is possible to walk. The price for private tour — 200 UAH, group — 30 UAH.

Town hall. Watch here — accurate to the second

Opposite The Town Hall. Goose-photographer


Our next destination was the village of Turya Pasika, which is the resort of Vojvodina. There is a ski slope (especially good for beginners) and the Spa-centers, and restaurants. But I advise you not to stay there and go to the Park schönborn — vintage reserve the Austro-Hungarian times, a copy of the Park surrounding the famous castle schönborn (now it houses a sanatorium). In great demand it is among lovers, and the island in the center of the Park you can even marry! Only it’s not Vegas, where weddings are round the clock: turn here, you need to take a few months.

Here you can get married


Travel to the village of kosyno, Beregovo district of the resort of “Thermal water “Kosino”. In the area with a depth of 1190 m has the geyser and the water gets to the pools with a temperature of 40-45 degrees. By the way, here they made with the invention. So, one has a large Cup of coffee, and the air is filled with aroma of coffee. And to plunge into the perfume of sparkling wine in the area with a huge bottle of bubbly “champagne”. In addition, there is a huge “drain”: the great crater, where you can swim on the wave.

Kosinski thermal water will help in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Check for yourself: for 40 minutes in the pool I have no fatigue, which appeared after the crossings, and improved mood. As told by the nurse, many of these water help to rid depression. Three hours of therapeutic pleasure will cost you 150 UAH. But it is not permitted to everyone: contraindications — any disease in acute stage.

Thermal “champagne”


The village of Lumshory is located near a water source, which is very useful in a heated condition. It is filled with Chan, kindle under it a fire, and this “pan” and you need to take. The water temperature is 40 °C, and to be in it recommend no more than 40 minutes. After a dip in the icy mountain river. Cost all this extreme 450 UAH with everyone to cook in one pot.

“Stew” in a large pot