Fox News (USA): America has again become a country making flights to space

Saturday’s successful launch of the first manned spacecraft from the territory of the United States in 2011 marked a triumphant and exhilarating turning point in the amazing history of American space exploration.

The days when American astronauts have to use Russian rockets to go into space in the past. America has again become a country that carries out manned space flights and more independent in that sense from other countries.

Like millions of Americans, I anxiously watched as NASA astronauts Bob Behnken (Bob Behnken), and Doug Hurley (Hurley Doug) off the ground and went to the International space station.

The launch vehicle Falcon 9, developed by SpaceX and launched from Cape Canaveral, brought a welcome relief after Wednesday, may 27, just a few minutes before the start had to cancel the planned launch due to adverse weather conditions.

The launch of this spacecraft proved that the partnership between NASA and private companies can bear fruit, and it marked the beginning of a new Chapter in the history of space research. Agency NASA has used the powerful engine of our free enterprise system to conduct space exploration the most efficient and economical way.

This launch brought Americans long-awaited piece of good news and hope. Now we need it more than ever.

In many American cities erupted in riots. Their cause was the death of unarmed black men named George Floyd (Floyd George), whom white police officer Derek Showin (Derek Chauvin) choked the knee for eight minutes. Savino was charged with the murder of the third degree and manslaughter.

In addition, the pandemic coronavirus infection has already claimed the lives of over 100 thousand citizens of our country, weakened our economy and left millions of Americans.

Therefore, the first manned launch of the spacecraft from American soil after a long break is that we can all celebrate.

Open space has always been for people a source of inspiration and object of admiration — even before Russia launched its first Sputnik in 1957, American astronaut Neil Armstrong made his historic first steps on the moon in 1969.

These events occurred before I was born, but I learned from my parents and other relatives and friends who remember those historic first steps of space exploration and the race to the moon, as those first flight attracted the attention of billions of people around the world.

People have always looked to the sky and wondered what lies beyond.

Once the Greek philosopher Socrates said, “Man must rise above the Earth into the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives”.

From the moment he said it, it’s been a few millennia, but the search for answers continues, and the man’s curiosity has not abated.

Wednesday, may 27, when I had to cancel a planned launch of a new spacecraft, the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk (Elon Musk) have called this project “the culmination of dreams”, to which he moved as much as 10 years.

When Saturday, may 30, the launch took place, the dream Mask come true.

Eccentric Max admitted that, if 10 years ago someone asked him, what is the probability that he, along with his team are able today to launch its spacecraft into space, he would have appreciated that the probability of not more than 1%.

If you have a lot of years, you know that every successful launch brings a sense of relief. You can’t help but return my thoughts to the tragedies that befell the space Shuttle Challenger in 1986 and Shuttle Columbia in 2003 which killed 14 astronauts. Luckily, the three astronauts of “Apollo-13” managed to survive, although they were in an extremely dangerous situation that threatened them with death.

We know that the cost of space exploration can become human life, and that is why we have the highest respect for astronauts. We cheer them on and rejoice when they achieve success, because we know that their victories benefit all of us.

Spaceflight remind us that the life and miracles exist even there where we have never been.

The late John Glenn (John Glenn), who became the first American to orbit the Earth in its orbit, told reporters: “Look at this creation and not believe in God is to me impossible. It only strengthens my faith.”

I have long believe that one of the keys to happiness is to continue to strive for more, even if it is beyond my capabilities. Objective structured our lives and force us to focus. However, they also force us to experience the fun of our aspirations and that is what long said Musk.

“It must be something that makes you get up in the morning and want to live, once said Musk. — Why do you want to live? What is your goal? What inspires you? What you want to see in the future?”

Let’s cheer for our astronauts heading to the International space station, and let them triumph will inspire us to pursue the fulfillment of our hopes and desires.

Americans love unpromising projects, especially dreams that seem unrealistic and out of this world. Perhaps it is because we intuitively or subconsciously know that if the dream of a man like Elon Musk may be our dream someday can become a reality.

Reader comments:


Only in a free country such projects may be implemented so well. China will die of envy!


“America has again become a country making flights to space.” In a sense this is an exaggeration. Rather, she regained function of low-orbit taxi.


It is important to note that it is now private business can do what NASA is no longer able.


“Let’s go!” (Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, 1961.)