Privatization ports: risks and perspective

Sea ports of Ukraine plans to privatize. The state property Fund (SPF) has published on the official website for a list of state-owned enterprises, which in 2017 will be ready for sale. The list includes 13 ports of Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions, among them — the sea gate of Odessa, Black sea (Ilyichevsk) and the South, which, according to the rating of the Ministry of economic development and trade are in the top 100 public enterprises in the country.

As told “Today” in the Administration of seaports of Ukraine (ASD), privatization will be engaged in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Note that the talk about the privatization of ports continues for the second year. Of the law of Ukraine “About the list of objects of state property not subject to privatization” commercial sea ports was not excluded. The new list of SOEs, preparing for the sale, dockers are reluctant to comment, say, everything can change, also still need to make an inventory and audit of enterprises. While the ports with which we have contact, conducted a routine inspection.

“Every year we hold a inventory: consider if fixed assets, working capital. The last revaluation funds was in 2013, when it was necessary to separate the part of the property for the formation of ASD,” — told “Today” head of the commercial Department of the Reni port Sergey Hagiu. Not remembered the special verifications and in the port of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. “On privatization we have not heard, and inspections are conducted in a regular mode”, — assured us in the port.

The head of the Union of workers of sea transport in the black sea port Sergei Bryzgalov said: “Privatization — until a phantom because no one of us these issues are not discussed. Since we don’t know how it will happen, we will any opponents of privatization. No one can deny the development and progress, but we must know that they are going to do.”

OPINIONS. Experts believe that now is not the time to sell the ports. “Deductions from them always gave a substantial income to the budget. In the current environment there is a risk that private owners will be to hide profits in offshore companies and the state do not get,” — said the “Today” political analyst Gennady Chizhov.

His colleague Oleg Khoroshilov believes that in Ukraine there are no buyers for large enterprises. Echoes and the head of public organization “Anticorruption naval control of Ukraine” Alexey Musatov: “during the crisis, the ports will be cheaper. In addition, the legislation is not prepared for effective best selling, because the current legislation does not take into account loss of profit”. The expert believes that the ports able to operate independently and to generate a large income. Sell as is only those assets that generate the losses. But who wants to buy them?


The head of public organization “Anticorruption naval control of Ukraine” Alexey Musatov believes that the reason for a two-year delay of privatization could be frequent changes in the Ministry of Infrastructure, which is responsible for ports. “There is constant change in the individuals who shape public policy. The previous Minister spoke about the privatisation, the current speaks of the concession (the transmission in the long term. — Ed.). What will say next — is unknown. But there is a positive moment: this year has introduced the position of state Secretary of the Ministry, which ensures the continuity of reforms that the new chief had not started to redo everything” — said Musatov.

In 2013, part of the ownership of the ports was transferred to the Administration of seaports of Ukraine, namely — a strategically important property for common use (piers, Railways). “No law there is no concept of a strategic object. There is a concept “strategic importance for the economy.” The company, which makes a lot of money in the budget is the key. Ports still remain strategically important for the national economy”, — concluded the expert.