The weekend will be back the rains and colder

In Ukraine return of the cold. According to forecasts ukrgidromettsentra in the weekend the temperature will fall by 3-5 degrees and rains across the country and in the Western regions promise even sleet.

The people of Western Ukraine will have two days not to part with umbrellas, warm jackets and waterproof shoes — the afternoon weather forecasters promise only 4-7 degrees and heavy rain. The same temperature, but without snow and with little precipitation in the form of rain is expected on Friday and Saturday in the Northern and Central regions, including Kyiv, Cherkaschine and Poltava.

Residents of the South and East of the country will carry a little more: the rains come to them only on Sunday. On Saturday there will be no rain and warmer than in other regions of the country: the day to 9 degrees Celsius with variable clouds. But on Sunday, the bad weather will prevail: in these regions will fall heavy rains and colder to +5. Rain will bypass only the Odessa oblast, where on Sunday will be a little rain, which will not affect the temperature. Day +9.