Hatred as love

Regards, brother! These words will greet each other in the near future, in 2032. At least in this we are trying to convince the film 1993 “the Destroyer” (“Demolition Man”). In this future ruled by meekness, all bad and impure is rejected: drugs, crime, sex, eating meat, swearing, and more. At first glance, in this earthly Paradise there is no place for hatred.

Today, many people want to get rid of this condemn feelings. A speech imbued with hatred should be outlawed, hostile comments should be deleted from social networks, other authors in the future will face millions in fines. Looks like one of the draft laws of the Ministry of justice. Thus it can happen easily that people would turn the blame on each other. Always hate others.

But it is misleading. I hate all the political camps, even when it seems that the enemy hates stronger. Hatred is a universal and all-pervading feeling.

In the stadium, on the fence — everywhere hatred

Sometimes she breaks out in explosive trajectory. On the road only a moment, to a peaceful facial expression of the driver or the cyclist after trivial clashes contorted grimace of rage. In a football stadium while chanting slogans cultivated a sharp aversion to the enemy. The legendary dispute between neighbors over nothing, about the height of the fence or the darkness cast by the tree from a nearby site. In contrast to the second outbreak of hatred on the roads, such anger can fester for years, gradually depleting the soul.

Rene Descartes in his essay on the passions of the soul, published in 1649, took the hatred of the “six original passions.” She, like other passions, is not generated by the soul, but is imposed by outside forces, in fact, “undergo”. Although hatred is harmful, says Descartes, it helps us to avoid things that are evil. Thus, hatred is a partner of love. Where one repels, the other attracts.

Speaking of love: London brain researchers noticed that two brain regions involved in romantic love are included in the work and in the feeling of hatred (Plos One: Zeki/Romaya, 2008). Scientists believe that this may explain “why love and hate in real life so close to each other.” When the terrifying Stasi chief Erich Mielke (Erich Mielke) dissuaded the people’s chamber from the liquidation of the GDR, he said: “I love everybody”, perhaps implying: “I hate everybody”. Love the Stasi indistinguishable from hatred.

Many people think about killing

Have you ever imagined how to kill someone out of hatred? If so, then you are not alone. Themselves are soft contemporaries sometimes feel the desire to commit a crime against others, says American psychologist David bass (David Buss). According to the results of his worldwide survey 91% of men and 84% of women had already fantasizing on the subject of, say, the forcible deprivation of life of another person. If feelings and thoughts were punishable…

Descartes was not wrong: hatred is part of the normal emotional inventory. But whether it is desirable is another question. Like other feelings, the antipathy and disgust which serve as a support reference for our thoughts and actions. Emotions lead people as the compass in ancient times. The fact that this compass sometimes leads astray, perhaps, is determined by its antiquity. In life of emotions constantly collide with each other the deepest antiquity, stone age and modern age. In the not always conflict-free the Trialogue meeting driven by instincts reptile cave man and enmeshed in electronic networks.

You can prevent hatred and cherishes love. But both of these feelings are part of human nature, and, as such, are neither good nor evil. Deep resentment can become a positive stimulus (e.g., the abolition of slavery), strong attachment may lead to a false path (as proven by the craving of many people to the dictators). In public discussions in the first place have (or should have) the value of the arguments, not the emotional state of the discussions.

However, artificially purified from the dirt of the world of the future in “demolition man” turns out to be a rotten deception. In the end good wins and can be re-swear. Gentle hi!