A new stage in Armenian-Russian relations

Official visit of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to Russia was of great importance not only for further deepening of traditionally close allies of the Armenian-Russian relations, but also in terms of exchange of views on the eve of the scheduled on the second of April parliamentary elections in Armenia.

Note the following: the agenda of the official visit of Serzh Sargsyan were included such events that are organized not for all visiting dignitaries, even if their visit to Moscow of a formal nature. Among the activities held during the first day of his visit meeting with students and lecture at the Moscow state Institute of international relations (MGIMO), during which the President presented the main priorities of the current stage of Armenia’s foreign policy.

The same purpose is pursued and publication of articles Sargsyan in the authoritative Russian newspaper “Izvestia”, celebrating this year its 100th anniversary.

At the same time, Sargsyan at the beginning of his visit announced specific proposals for the further deepening of the Armenian-Russian military-political cooperation, which then became the subject of negotiations. The fact that parallel to the President’s visit to Moscow took place a meeting of heads of staffs of armed forces of Armenia and Russia Hakobyan and Gerasimov, confirms this fact.

Interesting was the proposal of the Armenian side to establish a cooperative defense-industrial complex in Gyumri by a Russian military base, the products of which could be interesting not only for Armenia and neighboring countries.

Along with this, the main scheduled meeting during the Moscow visit of Sargsyan was his talks with Vladimir Putin, during which, along with the many discussed the traditional issues on the agenda, of particular importance were two questions. This final clarification of Russia’s attitude to the parliamentary elections (the main test for Armenia following the constitutional reform), and, of course, discussion of the current situation of the negotiation process on the Karabakh conflict settlement and prospects for maintaining regional peace.

The Russian President himself dispelled accumulated in recent years on the first question, the uncertainty, under the influence of which many have begun to speculate that the alleged Russian side has an ambiguous attitude to these processes.

One gets the impression that the Kremlin is allegedly unhappy with the constitutional referendum and conduct of the Armenian leadership in this process.

But the opinion that Vladimir Putin has expressed in connection with the referendum and upcoming elections, testified about something else entirely. He very clearly said: “terminates the constitutional reform aimed at creating a parliamentary Republic, election to the National Assembly. I know that Armenian authorities and You, dear Serzh Azatovich, personally make great efforts to the election campaign, the voting procedure and tabulation were held in a free and democratic basis. Would like to wish you every success”.

This statement is so clear that you don’t even need to comment on it. The Russian leadership binds the implementation of the process with the current President, thereby destroying not only the prevailing myths, but also wishing good luck to the friendly Armenian people in establishing a new parliamentary form of government.

That is, continuing to support the current leadership of Armenia, Russia emphasizes the complete allied character of relations between the two countries with a long history.

This approach is also the underlying signal to Azerbaijan, which immediately responded to the Azerbaijani edition “Haqqin. az” having the glory a primary instrument of foreign policy propaganda, putting the title “President of Russia Vladimir Putin has expressed his full support for Sargsyan”. But the essence of this foreign signal, it became apparent from the statement of full Armenian-Russian consensus on the unacceptability of a military solution of the Karabakh issue.

Russian-Armenian talks at the highest level promise certain results also in the economic sphere. Responsible for the field Ministers in Moscow signed the agreement on establishment of Armenian-Russian investment Fund. It is very important for working in the Armenian and Russian businessmen in strengthening their activities in Armenia.

Rich was even cultural routines of the visit. The Russian leadership, in order to stress the special attitude towards Armenia and the Armenian people returned to Armenia, stolen in the dark and cold 1990s, the painting by Vrubel.

In the framework of the official visit to Russia, President Sargsyan also met with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. During the meeting, Sargsyan and Medvedev addressed the interaction of the two countries-strategic partners on all fronts, took the results to date of the works and discussed the possibilities of expanding trade and economic cooperation.

Thus, a two-day visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Russia confirmed our previous predictions that is influenced by global and regional processes and trends is inevitable revaluation of the role and importance of Armenia not only from our enemies, but also traditional friends. Without any serious efforts and opposition of Armenia is strengthening a full-fledged allied nature of their relations with Russia.

At the same time, more specific and clear content gets interaction between the two countries in such fundamental spheres as military-technical cooperation and investment. Indirect evidence of this can be the visit to Armenia of an unprecedented number of Russian tourists since the beginning of this year.