Cracked on the coast: supporters of Assad have accused Russia

On the pages of some media, friendly to the Assad regime, there is information about the appearance of cracks in the earth’s crust, near the coastal town of jableh. The reaction of government supporters to this news widely, and the information was soon deleted by the authors without explanation.

At this time, a local source in the city of jableh claims that authorities are trying to conceal all information relating to this issue, and do not allow to approach the scene of the cracks for unknown reasons.

The source added that the reason may lie in the fact that one of the officials with the help of excavators removes a layer of red soil with special properties, sells them to the farmers and puts money in your pocket.

Recently, technology has removed a large amount of land that led to the imbalance of the geological structure of the mountain, which was destroyed due to the large amount of precipitation, lightning and earthquakes that recently took place in Northern Syria. In the complex, this led to significant cracking of rock, which in the future may cause significant damage to agricultural lands that are traversed by the crack. Without compensation to the affected owners of land from the authorities.

Yousef al-Ahmad, a resident of Latakia, States that “land in the village is damaged mainly due to landslides, and any work could not be the cause of this crack”. He also stressed that the drilling is a long time, and previously, nothing like this has happened.

Yousef al-Ahmad added that “I have a suspicion that Russian forces sprayed some gas in order to keep the air over the Russian airfield a certain temperature. I noticed that the airfield is constantly hanging white clouds. Sometimes over the airfield the rain, while the rest of the village no precipitation’t happen.”

On the official page of the air base Hamim in Facebook two days ago, was made by publication, proving that the use of gas for dimitras (a popular conspiracy theory, according to which “occupation government” secretly sprays of passenger aircraft some “chemicals” — approx. ed.).

On the pages of publications have reported that many local residents had questions about the appearance on the coastal mountain slopes of cracks such as the ones shown in the photo, which is actively spreading in social networks. Some are convinced that this is the result of gas from dimitras. However, we believe that we should not look for the scientific connection between this natural phenomenon and the real fact of the use of dimitras.

At the same time, the numerous comments on this publication have been removed.

From a scientific point of view, the gas from chemtrails is a weapons of mass destruction. Gas is sprayed in the upper atmosphere for “natural” calling of rain, thunder and lightning.

It is believed that Russian troops sprayed this gas in recent times due to the high temperatures in the region of the Syrian coast, in order to provide cooling air for equipment maintenance, which was made taking into account the operation at low temperatures in Russia.