How to save “the light”: which appliances are wasting the most energy and what to do

In Ukraine accounts for communal in 2017 was a record high. Over the past few years, everything became more expensive: electricity, gas, heating, hot and cold water. To save on heating, have to unite all the houses and to implement costly measures on thermal modernization. But to save power, one can independently. Expenses for electricity in the payment is a fraction of the cost of gas and heat, but measures to conserve electricity, is technically accessible. Experts in the field of energy efficiency explain: each family by adhering to simple rules, can pay for electricity by 30-60% less. The website “Segodnia” figured out how to pay for electricity is 1.5 times less.

What are the most wasted of electricity:

  • Refrigerator: 30 kWh per month
  • 5 kW of microwave (if you use 10 minutes a day)
  • Washing machine: 18 kWh (if used three hours per week)
  • Kettle: 11,25 kWh (if the daily use of 15 minutes)
  • TV: 9 kWh (if every day to watch TV for three hours)
  • Computer: 45 kWh (to use a powerful computer for three hours a day)
  • Iron: 6 kW*hours (use hours / week)
  • Hairdryer 6.4 kW*hours (use hours / week)
  • Light – 65.2 per kWh

Thus, most energy is spent on lighting of the apartment. If the lamp power of 75 W in the hallway for two hours a day, in the toilet – an hour in the bathroom 3 hours in the kitchen – 5 hours in the room – 6 hours per month only for “light” typed 65,2 kW. If you replace lamps incandescent energy saving (consume of 0.022 kWh) monthly consumption of “light” can be reduced to 19 kWh.

“The most energy-consuming household appliances: refrigerator, stove (if it is), microwave, washing machine, oven, kettle (coffee maker). Also consume a lot of electricity TV, lights, computer, tachometer, air conditioning, iron, music center. But it all depends on brand, year of production, energy efficiency class, quantity, etc”, – says an expert in the field of energy efficiency, Manager, DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun.

To save money, says expert, have a family. “Together with the whole family explore the payment system for electricity. Consider what appliances you use, how much they consume, how many in the apartment of incandescent bulbs. Define your family as a responsible energy Manager, which would monitor the use of electricity and was responsible for her savings. This will serve the students,” advises Sergei Svistun.

The expert also advises:

  • to turn the lights off
  • not to leave on the night included appliances
  • to tie the night the boiler
  • replace incandescent bulbs in those places where often the light is
  • if possible, replace old appliances with new high energy efficiency class

We will remind, in March in Ukraine, again more expensive electricity. The cost of each kilowatt-hour for consumption of up to 100 kWh will rise from 71,4 to 90 cents, and the consumption more than 100 kWh – from 129 to 168 cents.