Syroid violated the rules of the Parliament – the coalition’s statement

Coalition “European Ukraine” in the Verkhovna Rada is outraged by the violations of Regulations on the part of the Vice-speaker Oksana Syroid, that may be grounds for her dismissal at own will.

“As the chair, MS Syroid not put to the vote the initiative of the three factions on speech at the soldiers National police, which organized the attack Parasyuk. In support of this initiative by the three factions of the Parliament. Therefore, the presiding officer in accordance with the Regulations BP is obliged to submit it for consideration to deputies, and in the case of 150 votes “for” – to give the floor to invited. This is a legitimate practice that has always applied in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, – reads the statement of the coalition factions.

Members of the coalition emphasize that ignoring the requirements of the Rules, the Deputy speaker Syroid announced the closure of the meeting and the factions of the coalition decided to continue working in the format of the meeting of the coalition in the session hall.

“At the same time, Oksana Syroid said that “frightened” and began to escalate the conflict situation around the alleged presence of “law enforcement” in the session hall (although it was only four unarmed officers, invited deputies)”, – reads the statement.

In a strange illegal actions of the Vice-speaker is impossible not to notice the political overtones, convinced the deputies of the coalition.

“Parliamentarians invited the police to speak, to listen other side of the conflict that occurred in the night from 14 to 15 March. This settlement agreement is clearly due to the destructive campaign launched by deputies from the “Association “Self-help”. Oksana Syroid is also representative of the “Samopomich”. However, after the election of the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament she had to leave the party and refuse to protect partisan interests. Unfortunately, today we have not seen from MS Syroid its political independence. Did not see that Oksana was promoted to parliamentary control over law enforcement by hearing the testimony of the guards,” – said in a statement.

While the coalition recalled that one of the representatives of “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev, “threatening with a grenade, tried to hold in the Verkhovna Rada of unauthorized persons, contrary to the laws of Ukraine to appoint new elections in Krivoy Rog”. “Then MS Syroid not outraged because of violations of the Rules,” – noted in the coalition.

“A daring violation of the Rules, the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is a basis for dismissal of Oksana Syroid from office. Believe that she should write a statement and resign” – sums up the deputies.

In the coalition “European Ukraine” in the present time of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” and “popular front”.

As reported, three of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, “popular front” and the Radical party, called on presiding at a plenary session of Parliament to give the opportunity to speak to law enforcement officers who participated in the incident at the checkpoint in Slavyansk Donetsk region with the participation of non-faction people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk. In the meeting room of the Parliament entered four men in camouflage uniforms and headed to the podium. After this, the Chairperson in the meeting, Vice-speaker Syroid declared the morning meeting closed, and the deputies after the meeting held “charges of people’s deputies” in the plenary hall.

After that, Syroid appealed to the security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s office so that they established the initiators of unauthorized actions in a sessional hall.

In response, the parliamentary faction “people’s front” announced their intentions to initiate the censure Syroid, and in fraction “Petro Poroshenko’s Block” – the willingness to support the initiative.