I’m not sure about the support of the Irish unionists in Parliament – media

The Prime Minister, Theresa may, even without an agreement with the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland (DUP) will do everything to please the Queen delivered his throne speech, which sets the legislative agenda for the new government. This was stated by a senior source among conservatives, reports The Guardian, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“A senior source among conservatives, who briefed journalists, said that Theresa may is confident that the Queen’s speech will take place, but it (the source. – Ed.) did not say whether the DUP will support it”, – reports the edition.

It is reported that, according to the source, it was that the DUP had yet to give final guarantees.

“However, Mei seems to be sure that the DUP will vote against it. In the DUP stated that they will not act so as to allow Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister. And as long as the DUP, at least, will abstain, the tories will undoubtedly win the vote, ” notes The Guardian.

Earlier it was reported that the leader of the British house of Commons Andrea Ledson said that the opening of Parliament on 21 June.

Media believe that the announcement of the opening date of Parliament can attest to the fact that the Prime Minister, Theresa may, and the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland (DUP) reached an agreement on forming a ruling coalition, or close to addressing this issue.