The Ukrainian diplomat told the UN on human trafficking in the “DNR/LNR”

During the Russian aggression in the Donbas, the cases of human rights violations and human trafficking, in particular even for slavery. This was stated by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergiy Kyslytsya during the open debate of the UN Security Council in new York on the theme: “human trafficking in conflict: forced labor, slavery and other similar practices”, the press service of the foreign Ministry.

He noted that Russian aggression has brought to the Donbass violation of human rights.

“Three years of Russian aggression against Ukraine has led to an increase in risks associated with human trafficking in Ukraine. We also see numerous cases of trafficking and forced labour and even slavery in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are beyond the control of the Ukrainian government,” said Sorrel.

He also stressed that Ukraine supports the international efforts in the fight against human trafficking and other human rights violations

“Russia is the only member state of the Council of Europe that has not ratified the Council of Europe Convention on combating human trafficking,” added Sorrel.

As reported in the Luhansk region recorded a case of human trafficking. Two girls sold on the territory of Russia with the purpose of sexual exploitation.