Nuclear weapons terrorism is not a hindrance

The US and Russia continue to modernize its nuclear Arsenal. Every new rocket launch proves that despite the fact that international treaties greatly limited the number of warheads and missiles, the race for the development and maintenance of nuclear weapons continues. That is why Russia and the United States are investing in the modernization program. They seek to improve its nuclear Arsenal, to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated anti-ballistic technologies of rivals.


Russia fears that the us program of modernization of nuclear weapons in which the United States invest an estimated $ 350 billion, will upset the balance between countries and thus negates the awesome potential of this weapon. According to the new start Treaty, the United States and Russia have by the end of 2018 to reduce the number of nuclear warheads to 1,550. And although, according to Pentagon officials, to provide US enough “just” thousands of warheads, modernisation budget drawn up with the expectation of the maximum number of units specified in the new start Treaty.


Let me remind you that the new start Treaty only applies to limiting strategic nuclear weapons, not tactical, such as, for example, American bombs B61 and ALCM missiles.

In addition, there is a catch. To one of the “warhead” is equal to one bomber, which, however, can carry up to 20 units of tactical nuclear weapons (for example, the B61 and ALCM). The exact number of tactical nuclear weapons (with a range of 500 km) in service of individual countries can not be established.


In December, trump wrote that the United States should strengthen and modernize its nuclear Arsenal as long as “the world does not come to its senses”. These words can attest to the fact that trump and Putin may agree to some form of disarmament, as Reagan and Gorbachev in the 80-ies.


That trump is serious about the nuclear threat, and says his statement after getting acquainted with the nuclear codes of the American Arsenal. “When I explained what unit, and what kind of destruction it meant, I saw the light”. All this “appalling”, said trump.


The deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia during the presidency Obama made it impossible for the cooperation in the field of nuclear disarmament or at least reducing the number of nuclear weapons.


In addition, a minor was pressure from the public, but now it must be strengthened by understanding that one click trump maybe 30 minutes to levitate 700 missiles with a nuclear warhead, and another 1,300 will have to wait their turn.

In such a situation it is and President Putin of Russia. By clicking one button, he can destroy the vast coast of the United States, and the city in the hinterland. And it would be only the first step. In a military conflict between the two countries with the use of strategic weapons will not be the winner, and in this military fact will not change anything even the possibility of further reduction of nuclear weapons. But to maintain a large nuclear Arsenal is a military and financial stupidity.


Hundreds of billions of dollars invested in new nuclear weapons, call in the United States political divisions. For example, the sharp criticism the development of a new missile LRSO worth several tens of billions of dollars.


According to critics, nuclear weapons in any way does not solve the big problems of the future, such as terrorism and cyber attacks. In addition, U.S. nuclear weapons can not solve the problems in the middle East.