Ukrainians are rapidly purchasing commercial vehicles

In December 2016 in Ukraine was registered 1 112 sales of new commercial vehicles, which is almost 16% higher than a year earlier, according to the Association “Ukrautoprom”.

Despite a 45% drop in sales compared to December of 2015, the leading position in the market kept the brand Renault. In the last month of the year, sales of new commercial vehicles this French brand has made 197 PCs.

Second place in December, took the Fiat, the demand for cars of this brand increased by 7% and amounted to 153 of the car.

Third place went to Volkswagen, which increased its December sales by 2.4% to 138 cars.

In fourth place is Ford with a total of 120 cars sold (+131% by December 2015).
December closes the top five leaders with the indicator 107 was sales of Russian GAS, demand for which grew by 2 percent.

In just twelve months the past year in the market of new commercial vehicles were registered 8 thousand 354 sale. This result shows that solvent demand in this segment of the automotive market of Ukraine for the year grew by 62 percent.

The best result in 2016 Renault has demonstrated grade – 1 684 cars sold. Regarding 2015, sales of new commercial vehicles Renault has increased by 68 percent.

Second place in the ranking of brands have got Fiat – 1 044 sold cars (+46% by 2015).
In third place is GAS with a score of 930 vehicles (+63%).

Also in the TOP 5 included: Volkswagen – 717 auto (+17%) and Mercedes-Benz – 673 cars (+122%).