The invasion of Ukraine. Will it be possible to stop Putin

Win Donald trump in the election and how he continues sucking up to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has called on Ukraine the same bad feeling about this, how in the Kremlin — smug joy.

Trump statements already in the status of the newly elected President only strengthened Ukrainians fear that Putin will decide if he is allowed to do anything with Ukraine and other parts of the former Soviet Empire, the collapse of which he publicly regretted.

Trump has refused to condemn Putin, despite abundant evidence that the Russian President ordered his hackers to interfere in the election in the United States. The newly elected President is in no hurry to urge Russia to account for its brutal actions in Syria; doesn’t care about his looks, and the invasion of Ukraine in 2014, which sparked ongoing to this day conflict.

Active fighting in the Ukrainian Donbass was conducted prior to the establishment of a fragile truce in the summer of 2015. Since regular Russian forces and the Kremlin-sponsored “rebels” were locked in the occupied enclave. The war led to the deaths of about 10 thousand Ukrainian military and civilians. Small daily clashes increase the number of victims.

Conflict impedes the desire of Ukrainians to integrate into the West and the normal economic development of Ukraine. It suits Putin. However, the independent existence of Ukraine is a serious, daily insult. He needs broken, subordinate Ukraine, so he could achieve his goal — to create a new Russian Empire in the post-Soviet space.

The United States refused to supply Ukraine lethal weapons. But Washington has paved the way for the introduction of American and European economic sanctions against Moscow, which, along with the fall in oil prices drained Russian finances and prevented Putin to launch a full-scale war against Ukraine.

Trump could lift sanctions, raising the possibility of Putin for inciting war in Ukraine and allowing him to try to destroy its independence.

From the point of view of Putin, it has not been punished for the violence in Syria, where his forces have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, including children and bombed schools and hospitals.

Many Ukrainians fear that this is partly the goal of the Russian operation in Syria was to train Russian pilots to think about how to bomb civilian closer to home — in Ukraine.

When Putin became President, he was mainly interested in how to plunder Russia. But, stole about $40-120 billion, took attention of its citizens from their crimes by fomenting nationalism and create an image of an external enemy — Ukraine.

Unlimited power concentrated in the same hands for a long time (17 years in the case of Putin), often leads to serious psychological changes. The dictator, intimidating and killing anyone who dares to contradict him, no one dared to speak to him on equal terms.

“victories” achieved a huge blood. Putin, most likely, would prefer to obtain control over Ukraine, a bloody bath and punishing all who dared to oppose him. And yet — to impress his chauvinistic supporters, whose support for Putin soars, according to the Russian polls, every time he kills Syrians or Ukrainians, thereby proving that Russia is “becoming great again”.

Victory trump’s latest event, convincing Putin that a good map itself is in his hands. Friendly to Putin, the leaders also came to power in Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. After the French and German elections this year list can be extended.

If Moscow openly invaded with use of aviation and rocket troops Ukraine will have to fight for their survival. But it won’t fight hundreds of kilometers away from EU borders, as now in the Donbas. The battle will go at the borders and probably even beyond them.

Once a serious conflict breaks out, they become absolutely unpredictable. No one knows what will happen, but I spent a lot of time on the front lines with the Ukrainian soldiers and know that just because Ukraine will not give up.

I have no reason to believe that the Ukrainian government will agree on any specific measures. But battle-hardened veterans, and many others mention desperate options.

Ukraine had third largest nuclear Arsenal after the Soviet collapse. More warheads was only the United States and Russia. Ukraine gave up their nuclear warheads in exchange for security guarantees and sovereignty from the US, UK and Russia, after the Russian aggression turned out to be empty words.

But Ukraine still produces powerful missiles that can deliver warheads and launch satellites. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are in their range. Ukraine has the ingredients to create a dirty bomb.

If Russian troops occupy part or even the entire territory of Ukraine, possible prolonged guerrilla struggle — and the Ukrainians has long been famous for their skills in this area. Russian gas pipelines through Ukraine, would be an easy target.

The number of Ukrainians moving to the West, would force the Syrian migration in the past two years seem a trifle.

It will be very difficult, if not impossible, to prevent this conflict to spill over into neighboring countries, the EU, and to avoid the involvement of other European countries. Poland and the Baltic States such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia believe that Putin’s goals are followed by Ukraine. And it’s always better to be protected on foreign soil.

No harsh words from trump that he will punish Russia for any further aggression, the risk of conflict in Ukraine, which will be released out of control, will increase significantly.

It might be too late. In modern European history have not been such that the dictator, who sought to rebuild the world for themselves, voluntarily renounced its goal. And Putin seems to find pleasure in causing others death and suffering.